GPS mounts and zombies arrive in Dofus’ Towers of the Forgotten


Just call it “Dofus 2.0.”

The unique MMO’s December update is vastly adding onto and overhauling the core gameplay with its Towers of the Forgotten. When the update lands, players will have plenty to do and relearn, including the Lavasmith Dofus, 375 additional spells, more Omega levels, a renovated tactical mode, auto-pathing “GPS” mounts, an overhaul to the monster aggression system, and a storyline that ties into Wakfu’s third season.

Also, there are zombies. Good to know.

“After long plotting in the shadows, the Brotherhood of the Forgotten are now defying the gods in broad daylight,” the studio posted. “The players hold the future of the World of Twelve in their hands, just as Yugo and his friends do in Season 3 of the series Wakfu.”

Source: Dofus
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