Wild Buster shows off footage of Serious Sam in action


The original announcement that Wild Buster is going to feature Serious Sam (star of the series of games known as Serious Sam) as a playable character was already kind of weird. The sort of announcement where you would entirely believe that it was an April Fools’ Day joke except that it was announced in October. But no, it was totally serious. You can even see the guy in action down below, thereby confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt that the developers are entirely serious.

As is Sam himself, presumably. Unless his last name is Sam and his first name is Serious, but let’s not worry about that too much.

The developers are planning to unveil a series of hero spotlights ahead of the game’s December 14th early access launch, starting with Sam and his own gunplay. You can check out both a highlight reel and uncut footage of Sam shooting his way through a dungeon down below, along with a few screenshots showing him off. It seems like the sort of thing he’s well-suited for, really, especially the shooting bits. (Which is… every bit.)

Source: InselGames press release
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