Shroud of the Avatar saves the wetlands


Wetlands are an important part of the ecosystem, and not just because they are chock-full of stinging insects, biting snakes, and muddy bogs. They also are important quest locations in MMOs, which is why it’s so important to preserve them as nature intended.

Thankfully, organizations like SOTA (Swamps of the Alliance) exist to save the unique qualities of the wetlands from becoming generic, cloned entities. The digital eco warriors are rebuilding the East Longfall Wetlands for (catch and) Release 49 as part of the Paths of Truth and Courage. We assume that those are national forestry trails.

The SOTA team has also been busy this month creating “hordes of barbarians and cannibals,” although we cannot for the life of us understand why they would do this. Perhaps a dare.

The team is also (and we are not making this up) partnering with the Meretz Fitness App to encourage slovenly gamers to get in shape and earn in-game rewards for their effort.


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Daniel Miller

I don’t like to harp either. But I did buy the game long ago. It was confusing to figure out. Th graphics were as good or a little better then ffxi. I was completely lost. Only thing that i saw and there maybe more that I just not seen that I like. Barge houseboats and airship houses.


I gotta say, those robes need work.


A whole lot more than just the robes need work. The whole game needs an overhaul from a capable developer.


Yes it does. I hate to keep harping on these guys, but this game is a mess. The graphics and the over all polish is just lacking. It has some interesting systems for sure, but the feel of the overall game is just blah.