Anarchy Online might be considering a new fresh start server


Sometimes all it takes to light a fire under a gaming community is a simple poll.

Funcom sparked a bonfire of interest by asking fans on Facebook the following: “Would you be interested in a fresh start server for Anarchy Online?” As you may imagine, this raised quite a few eyebrows, because the studio has all but abandoned Anarchy Online in 2017 after putting it in maintenance mode and vastly cutting down on any communication with players.

In any case, the community seems somewhat in favor of the idea, although some have questions about what this would entitle (especially in light of Secret World Legends’ reboot). “I would be interested in literally anything that showed a hint of supporting the game, so yeah,” said one player. “Someone from Funcom please enlighten me as to why this is a good idea all of the sudden?” asked another.

Source: Facebook. Thanks Jack Pipsam!
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