Eternal Lands is the fantasy MMO that’s flown under your radar for over a decade


One of the best things about the Massively OP community is that our readers often point us toward MMOs that we never knew existed. So here’s our mutual discovery today of a title that’s been online since 2003 and existed entirely on the fringes of the genre ever since.

Eternal Lands is a free-to-play open source MMORPG that’s available for Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. It has an extremely tiny download before ushering players into this 14-year-old world with multiple zones, a free-form skill system, a focus on exploring, live GM events, and a tight-knit roleplaying community. It’s reported around 170,000 downloads over its lifespan.

While the core game is free, there’s a special PK server that costs a whopping $5 to access. There are a couple of offshoots of Eternal Lands that are being developed, including a French port and a more community-focused version.

Source: Eternal Lands. Thanks Radu!

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Correction, it’s flown under *your* radar, you *points at Justin*. It’s been around for *many* years. It’s not unknown, it’s just…. old and lost in the bottom of the bin I guess.


Well that was the first time I’ve ever had to check the manual for how to exit a game (it’s Alt X btw) I’ll finish up the tutorial another time and give it a go.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

Ah, what a lovely early 2000’s era UI that game has.

Rolan Storm

So cute.

Charles Dodge

My first MMORPG for linux over 10 years ago

Pi Er

It’s a great little hidden gem. What’s more impressing is that they also have a mobile client they are parallely developing.

Rather in-depth game, many features and great (basic) gameplay. Small yet dedicated community