Star Trek Online allows you to re-engineer imperfect mods

Don’t like the gear that you’ve slapped into your starship in Star Trek Online? Don’t ditch or sell it, but instead improve it with the game’s upcoming re-engineering ability.

With this feature, players can re-roll mods that don’t fit their build or are sub-optimal in some way. Re-engineering activities require salvage, a new resource type that is created by breaking down unwanted gear for parts. The studio is testing how much salvage is given for this activity and how much re-engineering costs. The good news is that this feature will also come with “several new epic mods” as carrots to chase.

“We hope re-engineering will be a way for neophyte and veteran Captains alike to better create equipment that matches their particular playstyles and builds,” Cryptic said.

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I mean… it’s an improvement. It lets people continue to optimize their gear without having to throw stuff out, which is a win in my book. But they made it cost dilithium, which is the game’s most precious currency, and one you’ve already spent tons of acquiring and upgrading your gear in the first place.

The dilithium costs are fairly reasonable, but they shouldn’t be there at all in this system.


What new mod you get will either be rng based, or exorbitant in cost I’m sure. It always is with this game. If you can built specific mods, the really good ones will be in the next rounds of lockboxes I’m sure.


Yep, RNG in it for sure. Speaking of which, I hate the RNG associated with item quality improvements, and how it resets to 0 each level. I have no problem buying uniforms and such, and I’ve even purchased a couple ships, but I would never purchase stuff associated with this.


Wow. Went back and looked at the link, not only is it RNG…it looks like it functions exactly like a slot machine.

I figured the whole Battlefront II ordeal wasn’t going to stop companies from using these kinds of mechanics…but…wow.


Not saying I will never use this, but it seems a bit more micromanagement than I like to do in STO. Heck, I don’t even like having to swap out gear for different enemies. The way I see it, I’m good as long as I can get through the story content on advanced difficulty. Having said that, more options are better than fewer I suppose.

BTW, does Massively have any info about the upcoming Dominion/DS9/Gamma Quadrant ‘Victory is Life’ expansion? If so please do share.