Blade and Soul’s Call of the Deep aims for next week release

Better get everything done you need to do in the rest of your life right now, because Blade and Soul is going to demand your full time and attention next week. On February 7th, this fantasy MMO is releasing the Call of the Deep update with plenty to do during the month.

Call of the Deep has content on the PvE and PvP sides, including the six-player Drowning Deeps heroic dungeon, the 6v6 Nova Core battleground, the return of the Blade and Soulmate season, and more legendary weapons.

The dev team gave players a heads-up on some rather extensive item changes that will impact weapons, accessories, and progression with legendary gear. This means that players can now select a PvE focus for Hellion legendary accessories, enjoy a reduced cost to upgrade weapons, and scope out some new instruments of death.

Source: Patch overview, dungeon overview, Official forums
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If they keep this up I will never catch up!


Why are Legendary weapons so important in BnS? Here. Take a few minutes and watch my Gunner tank. Nope, she is not a tanking class but she has great dps due to a good legendary weapon and there are also other bonuses to recovery and defense besides.

BTW, the music here is from the very dungeon we are running. There are two other clannies in this run, but the rest are pugs. And yes, I’ve posted this before but, I love it so! :)

Uta, you are ready for this dungeon now. Lots of fire. We need your Fire and Frost.


It looks like BnS is making sure that end game is for everyone. Lol!

So let me review my case in point.

On my first toon, it took me over a year to get to the first stage of my legendary weapon.

On my Gunner which was introduced in October, I have moved through 10 stages of legendary, and broke through to another tier.

With the changes announced, I’m confident that my weapon could be at the top tier in a month or so IF I decide to do that. Freaking insane because the top tier weapons are beyond stupid great.

Sound problematic? Well, it hasn’t been so far. Two things balance it out.

One, the top tier content is extremely difficult. Weapons aside, the mechanics require strategy and coordination that can’t be mastered with button mashing. Players have to know their class and all classes are needed.

Two, dungeon progression is tied to weapon progression. So, basically you have to run dungeons and get the skill and mats you need from them before you can continue.

Epic MOPs clannies, for you specifically. Don’t upgrade your weapons again until the next content drop. Wait and then you may find three or four weapon upgrades to whet your appetite to progress further.

For anyone not playing BnS, I’m running out of ways to say it, come join the fun. Leveling keeps grind at a minimum and is fun. You get everything you need to start legendary progression as you reach cap. The dungeons are easy and fun to start with. The rewards are good. And if you like combat and story, the game is one of the best out there.


Oh, and good Legendary weapon upgrades make you fearless. Freaking fearless!



More importantly though…any Lyn Gunners with this patch? <3


Lol. No, but “soon”. That is the word from devs.


Oh…okays. :(


But, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like it would take too long to test and release. It’s not like they are starting from scratch.

My guess, and it is purely a guess, we will see Lyn Gunners in March. I have a slot saved for one. :)