Blade and Soul’s Call of the Deep aims for next week release

Better get everything done you need to do in the rest of your life right now, because Blade and Soul is going to demand your full time and attention next week. On February 7th, this fantasy MMO is releasing the Call of the Deep update with plenty to do during the month.

Call of the Deep has content on the PvE and PvP sides, including the six-player Drowning Deeps heroic dungeon, the 6v6 Nova Core battleground, the return of the Blade and Soulmate season, and more legendary weapons.

The dev team gave players a heads-up on some rather extensive item changes that will impact weapons, accessories, and progression with legendary gear. This means that players can now select a PvE focus for Hellion legendary accessories, enjoy a reduced cost to upgrade weapons, and scope out some new instruments of death.

Source: Patch overview, dungeon overview, Official forums
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