Prosperous Universe liberally borrows from Facebook for one of its systems


With so much going on while you attempt to manage your own space economic empire, you’re going to need a little help to stay informed. That’s why the small dev team behind Prosperous Universe is putting a priority on hacking out a useful notification system that will deliver regular updates on projects and events that impact the user.

The devs said that they’re taking a cue for this system from social media: “It pretty much looks and works as you’d expect from a site like Facebook… and that’s on purpose: Many smart people have thought a lot about this problem in the past and there is no point in reinventing the wheel.”

Another project in the works is to rebalance the game so that it rewards specialization strongly enough that it will tempt players away from creating self-sustaining bases that don’t require any external interaction.


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For someone to say that, I wonder they realize how much spam comes from Facebook notifications.

Julian Colbus

That’s true, Facebook notifications can be pretty annoying. That’s why notifications in Prosperous Universe always directly pertain to your business (nothing like “your friend xy did this and that”). They can also be customized so you only get notified about the things you actually care about. (: (Source: I’m on the dev team.)

Melissa McDonald

As long as it doesn’t require a Facebook login…!

Julian Colbus

No worries, it doesn’t require Facebook or any DRM. (: The game is only played directly on our site and the only account you need is for the game itself. No third parties involved!