Pre-teen Fortnite YouTuber gets swatted after achieving a high profile


In one story here we have the best and worst of humanity on display. It all begins with 12-year-old YouTuber Peter Varady, who goes by Rolly Ranchers and has been doggedly making Fortnite videos to his small audience. This all changed recently when a much more popular YouTuber named Cizzorz paired up with the kid in a match and drove thousands of subscribers to Varady’s channel.

While overwhelmed with the generosity and support that came with the leap in popularity, Varady soon learned that a higher profile also meant a higher chance of griefing. Sure enough, some jerk swatted him by placing a 911 call that he and his mother were going to hang themselves. The police showed up, which frightened the family and led to an investigation of the report.

Cizzorz was incensed on Varady’s behalf, and while Varady said that he was scared from the experience, he doesn’t intend on quitting his hobby any time soon. “If somebody swats my house again, I don’t care,” he said. “I will keep going on with this channel.”

Feel like showing the kid some support? You could always check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel, which has risen from 87,000 subs at the time of the swatting to 124,000.

Source: Kotaku, ABC
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