Players suspect PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is a land full of bots

I'm so disappointed in what we've done with robots.

So, how are you doing with shooting folks in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile? Better than you’d expect, given the fact that it’s a mobile device and you might not normally win a whole lot? There may be a good reason for that. A report from a couple of days ago states that the game is designed to feature a large number of bots early on in your career, with a slow increase to having more actual competition as you play the game more extensively.

The presence of (unutterably stupid) bots is not actually listed as a feature of the mobile game, but no shortage of players are taking it as a face of existence based on seeing multiple opponents in the same outfits making the same stupid plays. So don’t crow too much about your early victories in the mobile version, because they may be victories only in the broadest sense of the term. Or perhaps there’s a squad of really bad players out there too ashamed to admit it. We can’t tell you.

Source: Verge, Kotaku
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