Skyforge announces Overgrowth expansion, coming April 11

Skyforge is embracing spring with the announcement of a brand-new and rather leafy new expansion. It’s called Overgrowth, and you can expect it on PC on April 11th (a day later for consolers).

“This expansion introduces a wild new class for players to unlock, called the Grovewalkers. They are highly proficient mages that sling wild nature magic at their foes from afar. Though initially nimble in appearance; they can call upon the protection of their living armor and morph into hulking frontline tanks. A sight to behold and a feature that will transform combat in Skyforge forever! Overgrowth will also let players rediscover Aelion through reworked story missions and completely new challenges system!”

While the update is a free one, you can pre-order the Grovewalker collector’s edition for $34.99 starting today to snag the class unlock, costume, weapon, and companion. (If you wait until release to buy the new class with cash, or a week after that to buy it with currency, you won’t get those exclusives.)

Don’t want to wait? There’s a new quest in-game as of today tying it all together. “Log into the game already now to experience the exclusive Introduction event and defend Tessa’s temple alongside the Grovewalkers,” says

Source: Official site, press release
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Instead of this silly.thing. I’d like a class spotlight vid to see if it is worth.purchasing the class.

Dug From The Earth

And the expansion after this one will be called “Road of Flame”

Duey Bear
Duey Bear

Been a while, going to play this again this weekend.