Worlds Adrift is trying to melt its servers and getting rid of a major currency


What are those wacky devs up to over at Worlds Adrift? Apparently trying to “melt the servers” with this Thursday’s update and stress test. The team invites as many testers as there are to jump into the game on March 22nd to see if the servers can handle it. Famous last words, eh?

Meanwhile, the team says it’s getting rid of Sky Atlas coins, instead listing “transactional items” only with real-world currency. It’s part of a larger virtual currency system change.

“To be clear, currency – in any form – does not serve a mandatory function in Worlds Adrift; it will only come into effect if and when a player chooses to purchase cosmetic-only items, be it a shiny new helm or that snazzy pair of pantaloons you just gotta-have. However, in order to assign a palpable value to these items, they will now be listed in real-world currency, instead of the previously proposed Sky Atlas coins (while also fully integrating with your Steam wallet). Please note though, that in the lead up to Early Access, our primary focus remains on fully optimising the gameplay elements of Worlds Adrift, and so the in-game shop will not be introduced until several months after release.”

As for preorder folks who were promised Sky Atlas coins? You’ll be given twice their value in actual loot whemn the cash shop is live. Just bear in mind “none of the above will come into effect for at least a few months,” so don’t panic.

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