Leaderboard: Are you still playing Secret World Legends?


I’ve always been curious about you folks who forgave Funcom for 2017. I’m not sure that, were I a hardcore old-school Secret World player, I could so easily let slide that whole “yeah so we’re gonna reboot the game and you can’t bring the toons you spent the last five years building” thing. But given the reboot’s apparent success last year and the ongoing attention on the game by the MMORPG community, a lot of you did forgive the studio and jumped right back in, including our own Secret World vets here on staff. Wherever their breaking point is, that wasn’t it.

Massively OP reader Pepperzine is wondering about that breaking point too and where the game stands in the community since the relaunch nine months ago and the new content that’s finally launched. “Now that around nine months have passed since The Secret World Legends has launched, I think it would be interesting to do a follow-up poll on if the community here at MOP is playing it, quit playing it, or returning for the Africa content!”

Great idea! Let’s do it.

Leaderboard: Are you still playing Secret World Legends?

  • I played TSW and SWL and am still playing for Africa. (32%, 170 Votes)
  • Started the franchise with SWL and am now playing Africa. (3%, 17 Votes)
  • I played original TSW but have yet to return for SWL. (40%, 216 Votes)
  • Started the franchise with SWL but already left. (9%, 50 Votes)
  • I have never played TSW or SWL but am considering giving it a try. (4%, 22 Votes)
  • I have never played TSW or SWL and still won't. (3%, 18 Votes)
  • No response / view tally / elf butts. (9%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 539

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None of the above? I still play, but infrequently, and haven’t gotten to Africa yet because of the interminable slog that is Egypt still staring me in the face (God I HATE that arc!).

Cosmos King

I’ve defeated the automaton in South Africa. Waiting for Richard Sonnac to get back to me. (Seems he’s pretty hard to please these days.) I’ll explore South Africa while waiting for the next region to open up.

I quit Secret World years ago because of the Aegis system, which is thankfully gone in SWL. So now I’ve happily moved two separate characters to the top of the Orochi Tower.

My gear is still mostly max epic on them because I’m not a cabal player nor a whale, but my weapons are mythic and I’m slowly moving my talismans into mythic territory. I’m doing fine with gear at that level, although the talisman/glyph/signet/expertise system really locks casuals like me into using just a few weapons, even though we can eventually open up all of them. Maybe this is to encourage us to start alts?

Kingsmouth and Savage Coast are still my favorite zones; not really expecting South Africa and the next area to top those. Would like to venture to the Mountains of Madness in Antarctica someday.

Patreon Donor

I played TSW but never got very far in it. I recently started SWL and I’m already farther than I was in TSW, but still not very far (Solomon Island) but plan to continue playing. I find that I get stuck because I want to continue the main story but I’m getting crushed and need to advance with some side quests first, but I don’t really want to do those, so I quit for a while.

Kickstarter Donor
Ailsa Nordstrom

Elf Butts. An appropriate response was not given for my situation. I began playing at TSW launch and switched over to SWL and played there for a while. I kind of /ragequit with the whole backtracking of how they were going to handle the left over GM currency from TSW (first it looked like all would be converted to a usable currency in SWL, then there was silence on it for months after SWL launched, finally they announced how it would work but there were extreme limitations, etc). ANYWAY, I haven’t yet returned HOWEVER I am seriously considering coming back for the new stuff.

Geoffrey Smith

Play(ed) both, still playing, prefer SWL when it comes to it. I miss the weapon synergy for sure, but the ability wheel was too unwieldy and confusing. The AEGIS system was a colossal mistake, and if I never play a tab targeting game again it will be too soon.

I feel the same way I did when SWL launched. Basically, it was attempt to reboot the game by fixing some of its most obvious and glaring issues (the combat system, the initial learning curve, the business model) whilst keeping the most important aspects of the game (the story and atmosphere). And it mostly succeeded in that.

I think the most vociferous complaints are from Lifetime subscribers, who had become a rentier class the game could no longer afford to keep, and are unhappy their status was diminished a bit. And that complaining drowned out more actionable complaints, like build diversity, the gearing system numbers, and server stability.

Oh well. It still turned out fine and we finally got the new content that we waited so long for.


How about “Played TSW but left after being tired of grinding Kingsmouth, played SWL but left after being tired of grinding Kingsmouth”?

Bryan Correll

I needed the option:

“I started with TSW and tried SWL through mid-Transylvania then quit because I considered it an inferior game in almost every way and am waffling on the issue of returning to check out the new content. I almost certainly would get back in for the new content if I had progressed that far already, but I can’t work up much enthusiasm for finishing out the older content to get to the new.”

But that might be a bit too long for a poll option.


Where is the “I played the original TSW but will never return to SWL”? To me, saying you have yet to return implies that you might return.


can you also add:”I started at tsw and i tried swl but didnt like it and quit”?
I bet this would get 80%

Zen Dadaist

I just can’t connect SWL and TSW. The same way that Funcom under the mask and its currently supported live products is a totally different entity to Funcom of 7 years ago, SWL under the mask is a totally different entity to TSW. It’s another game wearing the skin of TSW and in SWL I feel absolutely nothing of my previous keenness for TSW, in the same manner that I don’t care about this new Funcom the way I worried and cared about what happened with the old one.

I was one of those who was into TSW from the ARGs before release, played it and did it all from roleplaying to raidleading and all in between. Lifetime sub etc. Of all the people I played regularly with in those years, only ONE prefers playing SWL now compared to their time in TSW. Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, of course, but aside from him none of the others that gave SWL any kind of look lasted beyond a couple of weeks. Sigh.