Epic Games’ Paragon closes down tomorrow

Epic Games’ Paragon closes down tomorrow

The day is just about here. After announcing its intentions to close Paragon in January due to lackluster popularity, Epic Games is about to flip the server switch from “on” to “off.”

The Fortnite studio said that the official closing time for Paragon will happen tomorrow morning, April 27th, at 8:00 a.m. EDT. Naturally, the community is going through the stages of grief and remembrance as the final hours wind down.

While it is certainly unfortunate that Epic has felt the need to shutter the game, the studio did so in about as classy a fashion as possible. It offered refunds to players for all purchases across all platforms and released the assets to the community. And art is pretty much all that the players have left as a tease of what the future could have been for this MOBA.

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I will continue to hate them, though with a little less venom. I had so much fun in game, and they never got their act together.

Aiun Tanks

But hey, budding devs, don’t let this dishearten you. Everyone in the industry should totally keep tossing their studios into flavour-of-the-month multiplayer genres heavily dominated by 2-3 big names.

Maybe not MOBAs anymore, but now that there are a couple clearly dominant players in the Battle Royale space, everyone should start copying that!

Surely your coffers will run over from the bored spill-off of the major titles’ player-churn. That’s the best business plan, right?

A Dad Supreme

“Fortnite is now the largest free-to-play console game of all time, in revenue generated and monthly active users,” SuperData has declared in its monthly revenue report for the gaming industry for March 2018. The game sits at the tippy-top of the console listing and has now breezed past both PUBG and World of Warcraft to sit at #5 on PC.

Considering that, they will hardly miss the refunds. At this point, it’s just good business sense to issue them because that says to the (more important) Fortnite players “We will stand by our games, so it’s a safe bet to spend your money with us”.

To not issue refunds would have been a huge mistake, even though very few companies ever do because they aren’t usually in a position to give money back after a shutdown.


They really impressed me with their handling of this closure, from the refunds to releasing the assets I think they did a far better job than most would have.

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Kudos to Epic for not beating a dead donkey, or leaving it out in the sun to die slowly. I think it would be great if more developers knew when to cut their losses.