Paragon artist shows off concept art from the doomed MOBA


Perhaps because the announcement was all the way back in January, but Paragon’s shutdown is scheduled to take place at the end of next week. Epic Games made the decision to pull the plug on the action MOBA due to an unsustainable playerbase and refunded all users any money they had spent on the title.

As the sun begins to set on this title, we can take a moment to ponder what might have been. Artist Dave Rapoza shared some concept art on Twitter that he had developed for the game but had never been turned into actual assets. This gallery of characters ranges from the heroic to the bizarre and gives a taste of the odd sci-fi angle the game as attempting.

“Four years ago I got the opportunity to help flesh out Paragon, the now-cancelled MOBA from Epic Games,” Rapoza wrote. “I was given free reign on the character designs, it was an awesome opportunity, but most of these never made it into the game. Hope you like it!”

Source: Twitter. Thanks Daniel!

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Games tend to flop when their development teams deliberately do the complete opposite of what the community is asking them to do. By all means make your game, it’s your’s, but when someone tells you something is off you should at least pretend to listen. The fact they gave 100% refunds to everyone just tells you they dropped it because they were making billions from Fortnite. Instead of putting a little bit towards Paragon and recovering it, they just abandoned it. Sole reason I won’t touch Epic games anymore isn’t because they ditched this game, it’s because they showed you can’t trust them.


Shame about this game really. Very pretty, excellent class designs but OMG it was so boring to play. One map, one goal, everything on one note…. la la la. IMO they were always concentrating on the wrong thing when we did get dev posts about the game.

Jack Kerras

This is a bizarre response to me, considering that most MOBA games are -always- one map and one goal, with an insane multitude of builds and ways and means by which to accomplish that goal.

Jack Kerras

This was one of the few MOBAs I actually liked. :/