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This is fine.

Ashes of Creation is rotating in a new set of cosmetic items for pre-orders

So we all know that the Ashes of Creation alpha testing and planned launch has seen delays and that Intrepid has been rolling out a...
They have a lot of hairspray in these woods.

Crowfall shows off a time-lapse wood elf painting

So yes, we're all sad that Crowfall is being delayed a little bit longer, but on the plus side one of the reasons for...

Ascent: Infinite Realm posts new armor concept art, promises no gender-locking for classes

Bluehole has been rolling out plenty of Ascent: Infinite Realm teasers over the last couple of weeks. Today's concept art reveal features armor for the...

Paragon artist shows off concept art from the doomed MOBA

Perhaps because the announcement was all the way back in January, but Paragon's shutdown is scheduled to take place at the end of next...
Tiptoe through the something-or-other.

Crowfall’s concept art attempts to capture the spirit of conquest, building, and exploration

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Crowfall just spat out a 3,000-word essay in full technicolor. The art team behind this...
And then you're DEAD in the GROUND.

Crowfall gives a glimpse of the goddess Yaga in new art timelapse

It's almost magical to watch a talented artist create a striking piece of concept art from start to end. ArtCraft isn't keeping this magic...

Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones comes together in one of Crowfall’s races

Can't decide between your love of two popular geek fantasy franchises? Come on over to Crowfall, and you can enjoy both! The Crowfall art team...

BlizzCon 2017: Check out Overwatch’s rejected heroes

A cat sporting a rocket-powered backpack. A hang gliding alligator. A flamethrower-sporting monkey. A decked-out hockey player. A bowler. A flaming head. These were among...

Get pumped for LOTRO: Mordor with wallpaper art and a soundtrack interview

While Lord of the Rings Online players are chewing over the Mordor pre-order packages, there are a few free ways that fans can get...

Elder Scrolls Online comes up with a wicked Morrowind wallpaper

Want to show off your excitement and attachment over the June expansion for Elder Scrolls Online? ZeniMax has an easy way for you to do...

Get an early introduction to Lineage Eternal’s character lineup

There is just oh-so-much we don't know about Lineage Eternal, but the good news is that it appears that the information train is barreling...

AdventureQuest 3D asks for player help to design a fire zone

The AdventureQuest 3D team was out in full force at DragonCon this past weekend, manning a panel on the game as well as participating...

Crowfall’s Myrmidon is treated to its own feature poster

Who has plans to play the mighty Myrmidon when Crowfall comes out? This minotaur looks absolutely frightening, a lumbering war machine full of muscles,...
Well, it's a nice lake, at least.

Camelot Unchained shows off weapon concepts and the growing world

One of the big elements of Camelot Unchained's design philosophy is the difference between its three factions. It wouldn't make a lot of sense...

City of Titans gives a sneak peek at four iconic heroes

As a framework for City of Titan's narrative, the team has created "The Twelve:" 12 NPC superheroes that exemplify each of the 12 positions...
Most of the time.

Take a first look at the art and animations of Crowfall’s Ranger

It's no secret that you want your characters to look good. Everyone does; that's why very few games consider it an acceptable compromise to...

Sacrament splits its game world up by tiers, introduces the Sniper

The "jack of all trades" indie MMO Sacrament is still in its design docs stage, occasionally releasing batches of information and concept art to...

You’ll never see Camelot Unchained’s Archer before she shoots you

Interested in being a deadly threat at a distance? Then you should pay attention to Camelot Unchained's archer archetype, which comes in three class...
In today's installment of non-surprises.

Sacrament looking to build an indie MMO with community involvement

If there's an overarching theme to the information that's been posted thus far for Sacrament, it's that the designers clearly want it to have...
Let's war ov

Crowfall posts an art fly-through, discusses money and stretch goals

Crowfall has been sporting a pretty distinctive art style from the word go, which is to its credit. The past few big updates on...