Funcom’s Dune Awakening teases landscapes and concept art


Are you curious about how Funcom’s latest survivalbox Dune: Awakening will play? Too bad, you will continue to get pictures and you will like it. We’ve previously reported on the game’s trickle of concept art and lore last month, so it’s about time to circle back around and look at some more pretty pictures.

The official site has since added five more pieces of art to its “exploration” of the game, with conceptual looks at massive las-cannons, abandoned labs that promise “experiments run wild, ranging from genetic manipulation to efforts to terraform Arrakis,” a suggestion of the ability to salvage downed ornithopters, and a couple of landscape shots. Scrolling through the end of the gallery continues to suggest that more images are coming.

As alluded to earlier, there’s nothing really more substantive to report at the moment, with the only other activity being a retweeted message from Funcom about how Dune was talked about a month ago and how the company is eager to continue to talk about the game. Otherwise, you can enjoy the gallery below.

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