Monsters & Memories hopes to run a public stress test this month


Old school-inspired MMORPG project Monsters & Memories delivered its February report, saying that testing and work is continuing on creating a “proof of concept” for the title. But more than that, Niche Worlds Cult hopes to have a public stress test possibly for later this month.

“This test will be a very early in development look at the game, in which our focus will be technical stability,” the studio said. “It’s risky, because it’ll give everyone a firsthand view of the game as it is now, and not everyone will be able to frame their expectations accordingly — but the hope is that we’ll get technical information that’ll save us development time in the long run.”

The studio also reported that it added a new artist to the team with MMO experience, worked on more concepts and models, and redesigned the Bard class.

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