Crowfall shows off a time-lapse wood elf painting

They have a lot of hairspray in these woods.

So yes, we’re all sad that Crowfall is being delayed a little bit longer, but on the plus side one of the reasons for that is making the game more open for customization. That means more concept art, and more concept art means more chances to see time-lapse videos of that concept art being made. Which is exactly what we have here, a time-lapsed painting of concept art for the Wood Elf race.

We apologize if you were looking for some deep insight about the game’s lore or points related, but it is a nice painting and you can see it come together in the video down below. If you’d rather find out more about mechanics, it shan’t do much to entertain you. If you’d like to watch a 20-minute video about a much longer art process, though? It’s here for you.

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