Grim Dawn releases the kraken, crafts rune augments for the Forgotten Gods expansion


Last week the waters of Grim Dawn got even more treacherous, thanks to a patch that released a kraken god to harass players (and make life more fun). “Seek out Kra’vall the Ancient of the Waters within central Ugdenbog if you dare and earn new Monster Infrequents exclusive to this powerful foe,” the devs advised.

But that’s not all that’s lurking below the surface of this online ARPG. Grim Dawn’s team is hard at work on the Forgotten Gods expansion. One major feature that’s coming with the pack? Rune augments!

Rune augments can be applied to medals to enable active abilities for characters. These are generally focused around mobility, giving players the skills to teleport, charge, and leap across the battlefield. These runes can be obtained through crafting, reputation vendors, and fighting in the expansion’s tough new game mode.

Source: Grim Dawn
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David Blair

This game is the gift that keeps on giving. I cannot recommend it enough!

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A kraken you can see hopefully? “Sea of Thieves *cough*