Shroud of the Avatar trots out unicorns to test your virtue


A couple of iconic fantasy creatures are heading into a Shroud of the Avatar near you. The dev team announced that it is bringing both skeleton pirates and honest-to-goodness unicorns in the game’s near future.

Ready to go on a unicorn hunt? “Unicorns are very rare and elusive creatures. They will not fight unless provoked but once enraged they are one of the most powerful beings in Novia. It is rumored that items fashioned from unicorn parts are also ridiculously powerful but those same rumors warn of a price to be paid in your virtue should you dare slay one of these noble creatures.”

Massively OP is putting a bounty on the heads of these creatures. Bring us those horns, and we shall make you richer than kings!

The team also wrote about the making of a few new scenes for the game, the crystal-imbued Shaminian Hills, the wetlands of Westend, and the canyons of Upper Tears.


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Mikka Hansen

about $480k cash in hand left, $300k monthly churn
the end to this farce is nigh

Chosenxeno .

When’s the F2P version of this garbage coming? I know it’s bad but I want to confirm it firsthand. I’m not spending 40 on it. Just make it F2P so I can login, laugh, and move onto something that will still be here in 2 years.

Roger Melly

You can try it now . There is an extensive free trial which should give you some idea as to what the game is like .

The combat is pretty clunky but the game itself isn’t as bad as people are making out .

I still wouldn’t spend 40 on it though . But like Project Gorgon I will probably buy it when its on sale at a price I would be willing to pay .