Dauntless’ intro cinematic takes you on a trip to the Shattered Isles


Wake up, slackers! Time to hit the gym, work out, and then get ready for your trip to floating islands full of massive monsters that haven’t had a full meal in weeks! It may not sound like the most restful of schedules, but Dauntless nevertheless dares you to get on board with its open beta test that starts on Thursday, May 24th.

Phoenix Labs released the opening cinematic for the game today that shows the approach to the Shattered Isles. Turns out that there’s a reason Delta hasn’t created a hub in that region, let’s just say.

It’s a good way to get introduced to the game world and become hyped for the open beta on Thursday. Will you be playing? Have you played already? Let us know what you think of this multiplayer monster slayer in the comments!

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