The Flower of Knighthood has launched a $600,000 Kickstarter, is still discussing female toons


A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about The Flower of Knighthood, a hyper-realistic MMORPG set in the European Middle Ages. And I do mean realistic: There’s no hitpoint system; instead, the Eaglance team used mo-cap tech to record real weapon moves, which’ll be employed in an armor penetration system to determine damage. The devs are touting an authentic craft system in which “you will accurately repeat all actions of 15th-century blacksmiths, carpenters, leatherworkers, tailors and other craftsmen,” a detailed trade system, an original UI, and “massive PvP and PvP battles” with 1000 people per side. It’s also got a skill-by-use leveling system, but you’ll lose skills you don’t use day by day.

If that sounds fun to you, you’ll want to know that the game’s Kickstarter has officially launched this week.

“We’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign because game investors think about maximization of their profit first. You can see a lot of games that become a ‘competition of purses’. We want to make a competition of skill. The main idea of our monetization system is that you can’t buy anything that will give advantage in fighting to the player. For us this project is our face.”

TFOK (they apparently prefer FK, but TFOK makes me giggle) has a month to meet its $600,000 goal. Final release is planned for April 2020.

Worth noting is that female characters are neither mentioned nor shown in the website or Kickstarter; we reached out to the devs about this, and we’ve been told that female characters are being planned, but it’s complicated because of the game’s dedication to faithfully recreating its setting.

“It’s a good and at the same time hard question,” an Eaglance representative told us. “Sure, we will add female characters, but we don’t have a final decision about what would be the differences between male and female characters. And they should be, as the main points of our game are realism and historicalness. I’m sure you know about women’s rights in Middle Ages. Physiological differences we will consider too. So it’s a complicated task. We have several conceptions which we will discuss with our community.”

Source: Kickstarter, press release

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Wow… checked the Kickstarter yesterday – 11 backers. Today – 10 backers. This is pretty sad to be honest. I think they went to Kickstarter far too soon, with too little to show, and an asking price of far too much. The tier levels are also awkwardly spaced out and contain really not all that much that sets them apart. Someone didn’t do their research, and I’m guessing this campaign will likely be pulled before completion like some others have.


Wow, it’s been up a day now and hasn’t even broken $500.00. That certainly doesn’t bode well for them.


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Fluffy Magical Unicorn

I didn’t know it was possible for my eyes to roll this hard.


Hardcore and realistic games turn out to be boring and a pain to play. Don’t get excited for something that will fail. Remember, that game Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Once the hype was over, everyone stopped talking about it or giving a shit about it, let alone play it anymore. It was a boring realistic game with no fantasy, magic, orcs or zombies, with boring realistic combat that was more punishing than rewarding and its now failing.

Remember the game Gloria Victis? It was all the hype a few years ago, it has soft-launched and nobody gives a shit about it anymore. The exact same thing happened with Life is Feudal.

All those games are big words and no delivery… or maybe they do deliver, but once people realize that hardcore realistic simulation is boring as fuck they lose all interest.

Kross Vilalobos

I don’t know much about the Gloria Victis games realism and Life is Feudals because I avoided them, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance promised large scale battles and choices that tailor our character in how we played.

What we got is small buggy skirmishes, weird tedious and awkward saving, floating horses, random dying and popping in NPCs, Weird “encounter” system, forced into the “Knight whipping boy” role no matter what our choices were, bugs, bugs, bugs, and bugs, and the catastrophe known as “Master Strikes”, which is a combat mechanic that ruined the game for me and a few others after a certain point. It certainly wasn’t because of the realism and “hardcore” aspects of the game. If done right and not tedious i think it can do well.


You can do realism without having to be 100% realistic or historically accurate. That’s what suspension of disbelief and a sense of immersion are all about. You can get away with a lot if you properly utilize those two things. I could be wrong, but off the top of my head the games that touted being super mega ultra realistic ultimately suffered for it.


Expect an indiegogo campaign in less than a month and a half, giving them two weeks after the Kickstarter fails.

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Paragon Lost

From the “about” section of their Kickstarter.

Eaglance Inc.
Alexandria, VA

Independent game development studio, working on hardcore realistic medieval MMORPG with unique combat and craft systems.
The Flower of Knighthood is a first game for us as a studio, but our team has much experience in game development (up to 21 year).

If you’ve got 21 years of experience in the game development field you might think that you’d have learned some real world realities in regards to the business. Shooting for ultra realism or claiming to do so right out the gate, is going to hurt you.

Ignoring the cultural shift (a long over due one in my opinion) and being tone deaf to it in regards to ignoring having female characters is really stupid. This constant desire to take two steps back when it comes to paying attention and doing the right thing in regards to social, gender etc queues when it comes to game development keeps gob-smacking me. Though it really shouldn’t it still does.

This mirrors my opinions on War of Rights mmo, basically yet another mmo that will fail because they’re developing in a bubble of ignorance that apparently will stubbornly stick to its guns even as it fails. In other words I’m betting this fails. At six backers after two days it’s not looking good for TFOK.

Brother Maynard

If you’ve got 21 years of experience in the game development field

Perhaps that’s combined – across 21 different team members…

Wilhelm Arcturus

Or 42 team members give the level of blind optimism.

Dug From The Earth

I thought this was a joke at first….

Stephen Donohue

Surely THIS ffa pvp gankbox will be the succesful one!

I’d love to know what team of geniuses they have writing the code to handle 1000 player battles.

Kickstarter Donor

Assuming only two competing sides, it’s actually 2000 player battles, given that the article stated “1000 people per side”.

Forget the code, how are they going to attract that many players?

Also, what happens when you die in a battle? As “the main points of our game are realism and historicalness” (wonderful word that last one), does it mean perma-death? That’s always hugely popular!


I wish them the best, but this game just doesn’t sound like a good time to me. Realism is all well and good, but it’s a game, so for me their needs to be a bit of concession to fun.


““massive PvP and PvP battles” with 1000 people per side”
Why do games keep promising this?

Seriously – in particular with a combat system which isn’t the ‘target – hit skill – get result’ variety but instead sounds particularly location specific (and thus massively sensitive to lag/rubberbanding, etc) – even on good broadband connections the pipe’s only so wide, kids. Plus once you put modern levels of multilayer textures in there, the pop-in issue is going to crop up as well (hi BDO!)…

In short, by this claim alone they should be judged: unrealistically optimistic.

There’s a question for Massively: of all the games that have for a decade or more promised “massive PVP battles!”…what’s the most ever fighting successfully online in an MMO? ACTUAL, visible to each other, in the same instance, able to freely pick targets? It would have to be EVE, I’d guess? What about for non-vehicular MMOs (ie you have people swinging swords/lightsabers at each other)? WW2OL maybe? I know big battles there could easily get 2000+ in a town fight, but I think entity culling happened at about 512?