Whoopsie swastikas, stink bombs, and Twitch records: Just another day in the life of Fortnite


Add “accidentally creating Nazi symbols” to things you probably don’t want your popular video game to do.

Fortnite players recently discovered that one floor tileset, if lined up in a certain way in the builder mode, creates a swastika. Obviously, this was an unintended oversight, and Epic Games said it will deal with it. “This was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art,” the studio said.

As swastikas depart the game, stink bombs enter it, thanks to today’s Patch 4.4. The bomb delivers damage over time to anyone who lingers inside (but why would you?). As players have fun smelling up the place, they can also engage in a limited time mode where teams of 20 fight it out.

Most recently, the game broke Twitch’s concurrency record, as 1.46M people pointed their eyeballs at last week’s tourney.

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