Bless Online cuts back its influencer program following conduct mishaps

Remember, you were the ones who couldn't wait for this game.

Neowiz is on a downsizing streak for its Bless Online emissary program, reducing the number of player ambassadors (read: influencers) for the game as some have violated the studio’s code of conduct. Some players have accused Neowiz of doing this to cull participants who haven’t been overly positive about the MMO.

The full statement from the studio is as follows:

“Due to both outside community feedback and internal observations and issues, we have decided to make some adjustments to our emissary program to ensure that it is the best it can be. Our first step in these adjustments is to reduce our community leaders and content creators to a small group (for the time being) to better ensure close and secure communication. This does NOT mean everyone being removed violated the emissary code of conduct, though some did. This is just the first step towards a better emissary program, and we apologize to those in the program who feel they were unfairly impacted by the shifts. We will adjust our official emissary post on our website to reflect the changes later today.¬†We care deeply about the future of this game and community, and hope that going forward the emissary program can do more in support of Bless.”

Source: Reddit
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