PWE’s Gigantic plans a heroic sendoff for its final weekend

Stabby stabby

“It’s time to give Gigantic one last hurrah!”

Even as the MOBA was given a death warrant earlier this year, you never got the sense that PWE disliked or was ashamed of the game at all. On the contrary, there seems to be some fondness for this MOBA-that-couldn’t, which is perhaps why the company is giving Gigantic a special sendoff.

Tomorrow, July 27th, the team will host a livestream to show off various content that never went live on the servers and give out Gigantic-themed swag to its community. Popular MOBA streamers will come to play a few last matches and give the game the farewell it deserves.

Gigantic had been in trouble since late 2017, when developer Motiga closed its doors. A couple of months after that, PWE announced that the game would be closing on July 31st, 2018, due to low numbers and revenue.

Source: Gigantic

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oh man, my wife and I absolutely adored this game, it was an incredible way for us to relax and enjoy an evening together and have a good time doing it. we’ve even brought it up repeatedly every now and then nostalgically (which is weird for such a recent game).

such a huge shame to see it go but hopefully we’ll be able to watch the stream together tomorrow.

IronSalamander8 .

I really liked this game, even with its obvious issues. It’s sad to see it go. Flawed jewel it was I had fun when I played it and I love the cartoony style. Not sure which character I’ll miss the most, probably Mozu.

It just felt like it was still in beta to me, like many things were missing, but the thing I felt was the worst was being unable to save builds and have the game follow your build; being forced to pick skills while being shot at was a terrible idea.

It stood out to me like Garden Warfare does; an entry into a crowded field with its own charm that made it stand out but also made its flaws apparent. I saw this on their FB page yesterday. It deserves a fond farewell and I hope the team that worked on it succeed in the future, it had a lot of passion in its creation.

Robert Mann

Well, shame that a game closes down, but a MOBA after so many MOBAs… can’t say it was a surprise by any means.

Too much competition in a genre where tons of people is really important = only a few games surviving for long. Which may well have been a big problem with the generic WoW clone period of MMOs as well… at least I believe that is part of things that happened in the past.

Anyway, best wishes to players and staff involved!

Grave Knight

It wasn’t really a MOBA though. It was more like a hero shooter meets action rpg.

The real reason it died wasn’t because of the premise of the game but rather because the two companies that provided them funding, Microsoft and PWE, also required them to meet certain requirements that cause them to lose more money than they ended up making from the deal.

The game wasn’t bad it was just hemorrhaging money that there was no way it could be successful.

If you really want to know more “Death of a Game” can explain it much better than I.