Seed gives its first development update since January


Hot on the heels of its pre-alpha teaser, the sandbox space colony MMO Seed is celebrating the progress that it has made in 2018 to date. The team put out its first developer update since January, and almost all of it is very good news indeed.

The studio creating the game has “almost doubled” in its size over this year and secured $8.95 million in funding. It’s putting those resources to good use, working on projects such as Seedling AI, different world biomes, modular building, a combat prototype, the next iteration of character models, and overall quality.

The team also played around with… ants? “During this time we created Mocktown™, our elaborate ant colony. Where we readjusted our focus to concentrate on the overall picture and by removing various elements, we were able to focus on the simulation from a broader perspective and not lose ourselves in minor detail. This experiment both shed light on a bunch of issues and revealed both technical and design questions which we’re currently working our way through.”

Source: Seed