WRUP: Reviews of some movies I saw recently whilst paying attention to Granblue Fantasy edition

Yes, that's my team.

Some Disney thing or another: A young kid goes on a life-changing journey and gets home in time for dinner. This was one of the cel-animated ones no one likes. Which one was it? I don’t remember, I was farming Warrior Creeds. The villain was more entertaining than the heroes, that’s probably not narrowing it down much. Was it Hercules? It might have been Hercules.

Loud Shooty Men: A bunch of guys scream at one another for a few minutes and then the screen was covered in explosions. It was super boring.

Transformers: The Last Knight: I remembered the name of this one but it was also indescribably boring. It was Loud Shooty Men but with lots of robots whose namesakes I have strong feelings about, but the movie itself forgot about half of its cast every few minutes to the point that I had to remind myself that Hound was in this movie at all. Also the plot hates science.

Some Marvel movie or another: I clicked on this one by accident and actually forgot to pause it when I got up to get some water. It didn’t affect the plot much. At least it wasn’t Batman v. Superman.

YouTube videos about how Sherlock is a bad series: These are movie-length, right? So they count. It was interesting.

What Are You Playing: This isn’t a movie, it’s where you are now. Obviously I’ll be farming more Warrior Creeds.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): ​Pokemon Go for community day, even if Eevee’s revealed move isn’t exciting. Maybe some Splatoon 2 since the neighborhood kids caught up to my level and one of the moms is rubbing it in.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Where is the summer going? Ack. Well, I’m going to try to do some fun stuff with the kids the weekend, and I’m working on a piece of furniture (did all my staining last weekend, and it cured all week, so we’re putting it all together this weekend woot). But gaming-wise, it’s nothing new – I’m neck-deep in Star Wars Galaxies Legends still, having a blast. I probably need to cut back, honestly, since it’s actually cutting into time with my other hobbies. There’s something I haven’t felt a need to say about an MMO in a long time. But you guys, those harvies aren’t gonna tend themselves.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Usual antics in Final Fantasy XIV and Granblue Fantasy will keep me nicely occupied. This summer has blown right by; perhaps I’ll work on another project before it’s over.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): Been enjoying me some really casual questing and tourism in Lord of the Rings Online, so that’s definitely on tap for my spare hours. Maybe some Star Trek Online too? Ever since that Picard announcement at STLV, I’ve been thinking about Trek more and more…

Pierre, patron: I’m playing a lot of State of Decay 2 and Destiny 2 lately, and those will be my games of choice this weekend too. I’m really tempted to go back to World of Warcraft with all the hype around Battle for Azeroth these days. I must be strong and resist the urge… I must be strong and resist the urge… I must be strong and resist the urge… MOP readers, please help me, you’re my only hope.

Your turn!

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Ron bichass

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Loud Shooty Men?

I think I’ve seen that movie — far, far too many times. It was a Michael Bay film, wasn’t it? :-D

Not much to report this week, unfortunately. No new interesting games to share.

I played a fair bit of Destiny 2; some World of WarCraft; and more DC Universe Online. Still trying to decide if I want to stay with that last one.

A lot of the week was spent preparing the latest session of the Starfinder pencil-and-paper rpg game that I run for a few dear friends online using the Roll20 website.

Action, adventure, and much joking about as we played. (We take the stories seriously, but not ourselves).

Hope everyone is well! Take care of yourselves, please, and each other. It’s getting a bit scary out there. Keep an eye on one another, and everybody remember where we parked, in case we have to evacuate to Mars, or something, to escape the insane goings-on.


Anthony Clark



Mainly I’ll be spending time with Marvel Strike Force and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. May also get some time in with Warframe and Shadows of War. I’m gonna wait a bit before jumping back into WoW.


Can’t stop playing Fortnite: Save the World. Slowly making my way through Plankerton (second area, lvls 20 to 50). It’s pretty damn grindy, but the gameplay loop is right up my alley. It’s a great game for anyone who’s looking for something with a fairly robust mid-game, instead of being rushed through to endgame (although endgame here is just more of the mid-game, which is also a big plus).

Tried logging into Destiny 2 a few times this last month and a half, but it’s pointless. The game doesn’t seem any busier than it was pre-Warmind, which apparently “fixed” a bunch of the problems, but my friends list has been dead since about two weeks after Warmind, because if you’re not raiding or PvPing the game has locked you out of advancement past light level 360. So thanks Bungie; thanks for doing the same damn thing everyone else does: chase after the “hardcores” and piss all over the “casuals”, for no measurable increase in actual, active players. Sorry for the saltiness, but I’ve had so many games I loved push me out the door in favor of “hardcores” that it makes me want to reach through the Internet and strangle anyone who I see whining about games “doing nothing but catering to casuals”, and every developer that goes chasing after that crowd. Sorry.

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Heya brother Sray,

I want to say up front that the intention of this post is meant to be useful and/or helpful to you. If it’s not, ignore it. All good.

Based on my experiences with the first Destiny game from Bungie, I think what you might actually be seeing here is not “f#ck the filthy casuals”, but a repeating design strategy.

Like you, my Destiny 2 character is riding at about 342-346 with nice gear and the allowed two pieces of equipped gold-level gear.

And I think you and I are currently orbiting the “effective current level cap” in the game.

I still gain “levels”, as such, in the game, but it’s now so slow a process as to be nearly asymptotic. :-)

I just log in for the action-adventure fun, basically. Advancement is no longer really a thing for me.

Like you, I don’t touch the PvP, or the Raid. Heck, I haven’t even bothered doing a Strike since launch because didn’t like the way the new Strikes were set up (i.e. randomly determined on a very short roster of choices).

But, if memory serves from my time in the first Destiny game, while there is an effective “level cap” (to use MMO-speak), there is also a higher “level ceiling” for those who are manic about competition, and who see themselves defined as “hardcore”.

The folks who are driven to have the highest/best of everything in a game because … reasons?

I suspect all those years making the Halo multiplayer showed Bungie that it’s wise to throw these players a bone, so to speak?

My experience with the original Destiny and its DLC has shown me that, once the next Destiny 2 DLC (Forsaken) releases at the beginning of September, players like you and me, and all the other players who are effectively “finished for now” and off playing something else — we can all come back and will effectively close the gap between where our level left off, and where the competitive players ended up, in relatively short order — because the effective level cap has been moved up, and the rate of progression for ordinary players like us has sped up once again.

So, I wouldn’t fume too hard, my pal. I don’t think Bungie is trying to eff with you, or me, or anyone. I think it’s just how they acknowledge what drives the self-styled “hardcores”, while the rest of us simply play to have fun.

Hope this is useful. If not, feel free to ignore me. :-)

Best to ya, as ever,


It’s not that I actually believe that Bungie is telling casual players to get out, it’s that it’s the move away from inclusivity, when, prior to the Warmind DLC, any play style was a viable means of max level advancement: it was just a question what you wanted to play, and how fast you wanted to get to the light level cap. After Warmind, they patched out the ability to rerun the story campaign for gear advancement (which I agree was a ridiculous thing to begin with), and hard capped advancement through weekly Flashpoints to 360; and even if you’re regularly running strikes, you’re capped at 365 if you’re not raiding. I really do enjoy the gameplay loop in Destiny 2, but if it’s not going somewhere, I could get just as much entertainment out of watching Netflix. When it gets to the point that you’re never getting any cool new stuff when playing week after week, the fun of the shooty-shooty bang-bang wears thin.

It feels like every MMO out there operates on a zero sum equation: you either have a not terribly challenging game that throws top notch rewards at players for trivial things, robbing high end achievement/competitive players of anything meaningful to do; or else it’s the more common method of building a trickle down system that places those hardcores on an advantaged pedestal. The idea of a balanced game where “no matter what you do, eventually you’ll get there” that allows your hardcores to grab the best gear first (and perhaps unique cosmetic rewards too) while not putting a cap on advancement for your casual players is a seemingly alien concept to these MMO game designers; yet games like Diablo or Fortnite Battle Royale show that it’s not particularly hard to design that way. It’s annoying to be treated like a second rate customer when I’m far more willing to throw money at these games than the average “hardcore player” that these designers seem to value so damn much.

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Fair points, all.

I didn’t really notice the progression changes you flagged here because I’m still working through the last of the Mars content on a “when the mood catches me” basis.

Add in the fact that I’m pretty content with my character’s power level right now (and how it plays) as I move through content and, well, I missed the significant changes you mention.

I’m curious if there is any sort of “fan protest” surrounding the changes you mention, because they seem like pretty significant tweaks to the game’s long-term “fun factor”.

Have you noticed any others on the interwebz protesting the changes? Perhaps more importantly, has anyone from Blizzard addresses these changes in a useful way?

I’m not suggesting that you post on the game’s official forums (There aren’t enough virtual bullets in the world for me to back you up if you venture into the “official forums” cesspit, my friend :-D ), but I can’t imagine that you’re the only one who’s identified the changes as bad ones, which kill many players’ motivation to continue engaging the game past their first playthrough.

Other than this, I think I understand your position more clearly now, and I thank you for taking the time to explain it to me.

I hope that others are taking Bungie to task for this poor decision, and that they plan to listen.

Be well, my friend,

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I’m slowly progressing through the starmap in Warframe and working towards MR8 so I can get my hands on that Braton Prime.
Having found the appearance menus last week I’ve also made my first tentative steps into Fashionframe, which I’m told is the true endgame.

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Jack Pipsam

Not much gaming, attempted Monster Hunter: World and got bored of it very fast, will wait for IRL friends to jump in on it.
More job hunting and really just waiting for Battle of Azeroth to hit.

Went to see Mission Impossible: Fallout again, this time at Imax. Turns out Melbourne has the largest Imax screen in the entirely damn world, so that’s pretty sweet we have it here.


This week: Where Lordaeron had its Trump “Let’s make a deal!” moment:

Anduin: “You either surrender or die.”
Sylvanas: “Let’s start with nothing!”

…and the rest was history. O.o

Also this week: Did you know there was an opt out feature in the last bit for the War of the Thorns arc? Because my Goblins discovered this with as alternative to committing atrocities on the other faction for a quick 20 plus gold. (The same amount you get opting in to the said scenario, but with potential repair bills to foot..among other..err, issues.) So yeah…they don’t have to do ugly war anymore…

“That option has been available from the start of this, Uta!”

…yeah, I know. But like watching a bad movie to see how it ended, I was curious as to know how would all turned out. But now I know. I didn’t like what I saw. And now I get a free ingame paycheck out it! Win, win…as far as my Goblin army is concerned. <3

Also this week: I haven't forgotten Lyn & Soul, Mr. raphael. Just the events of the expansion based WoWstar have been a rather big distraction. :(

And as well: What happened to Beta Watch this week? o.O

And finally: Was the Tree of Savior pict'ed for this week's WRUP? O.o

Have a great week and weekend folks! <3


I’m fairly certain the WRUP header is from Octopath Traveller, an RPG for the Nintendo Switch by Square Enix that covers the stories of 8 different characters.


Monster Hunter World came out on PC and oh boy am I happy that I can run it with my years-old rig that was considered a budget build even back when I put it together! However I am playing it on 30fps locked. The benefit of growing up on consoles and playing the crap out of Dynasty Warriors 3 is that you get used to playing at a sub 30fps.
Been enjoying it with a bud and it even made us regress to the good ol’ days when we’d stay up playing even though we’re falling asleep out of sleepiness, not boredom.

Same old, same old on Warframe. Acolytes are here but I have the mods I want from them already. I should farm a bit to sell some mods but I really don’t enjoy haggling with other people in any game, though it was nice in TES3 ’cause you could haggle like a boss! “You won’t sell that to me for fifty septims? Well…how about fifty-one septims!?”.

I might not be playing so much Fortnite BR anymore; my friend who’s into the game has now entered Stage 3 of being a non-pvp gamer playing a pvp game, and that’s the stage where you’re getting fed up with not winning or doing as well as you’d like. Stage 1 is where you’re fine losing because you’re learning the game and it’s fun to you, Stage 2 is where you start expecting more of yourself and want to see more K and less D.. Stage 3 is where it starts going downhill xD

Kawaii Five-O

Lots of mon-hunting with friends in Monster Hunter World this weekend.