Sea of Thieves extends the Cursed Sails campaign another week, teases open-world skeleton ships


This week’s Sea of Thieves patch is… well, it’s kinda more of the same, as Rare has extended the Cursed Sails run another week, meaning you have more time to grind skelly ships for loot and commendations. (Reddit complaining ensues.)

In its dev update, Rare says it’s patched in new cannonball effects for the baddies, new event timers, and new sensitivity values. Oh yeah, and the kraken is still down for the count, though Rare promises it’s working to bring him back.

Going forward, the Sea of Thieves devs say they’re busy porting the skeleton ships into the “real” world, beyond the campaign itself, a bit like the megaladons work now. Cursed cannonballs will also be adding more exploration and strategy to the gameworld. Expect more Forsaken Shores details from Gamescom later this month.

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As much as I’d love to partake in this stuff, I abhor time related content, and that goes double for content that stacks in-game time related events on top of a limited event.

I’m not scheduling my life around a video game. If I can’t log in when I want and enjoy your content, I’ll move on to something else.


Main issues with the event for me at least are that:

1. It doesn’t matter how far into a battle you are, ships despawn IMMEDIATELY upon hitting the end of the four hour time window.

2. The time windows themselves force folks to play during certain times of the day. For me this means my days off work are the only time I can actually do two of the three battles.

3. Most players don’t seem to even know that there’s an event going on, nor do they seem to understand how the Alliance system works. As a result it’s so hit/miss with getting other ships to Alliance up and fight skeleton ships; worst of all is that if one ship in the alliance doesn’t have the sails that unlock from completing the in-game story questline (the game barely even tells you of its existence and the questline gives you rather obscure clues that turn it into a TSW-style investigation (this wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t time consuming as heck)) then you miss out on commendations.

Otherwise it’s enjoyable and fun, but then again I am using the SoT Discord to get crews together so that they’re actually all wanting to do the skeleton ships and are typically more competent than 100% randoms.

I imagine it’s an utter nightmare for random matchmaking with people who don’t pay attention to stuff outside of the game, because pretty much a vast majority of the knowledge about the event isn’t communicated very well (if at all) in the game itself.

Also it bugs me how bipolar Rare’s designs are. On one hand the game is designed to be hyper-casual, to the point where anyone jumping into the game has the same tools/weapons/etc. as someone who has been playing since launch, but on the other hand activities like this require several hours of time commitment. Pirate Legend for example basically requires you to devote around 2-4 hours or so to doing just one Athena’s voyage.

Rare reaaally needs to figure out a better balance with this stuff because they don’t really seem to respect people’s time.