Sea of Thieves attempts to calm its community over inventory changes


A new and more flexible barrel inventory system caught a lot of Sea of Thieves players off guard when it arrived in Patch 1.2.4, and not in a good way. Such is the furor over the handling of this change (as it takes longer for players to stock their ships) that Rare has had to come back and apologize for not giving players more of a heads-up and an explanation over this.

“We certainly didn’t make such a change to the core flow, pace and mechanics of the game lightly, but we should have done a better job of being up front and detailing precisely why we feel it’s important to the future expansion of the game,” Rare said. “We’ve also unfortunately ended up in a situation where the Cursed Crews event and the addition of the Cursed Cannonballs are so closely tied that we ran out of time to react to feedback from our Sea of Thieves Pioneers.”

The studio shared its vision for a slightly more complex inventory system in the game that would (among other things) allow barrels to contain “emergent quests,” more types of food, and more variants of ammunition. Rare is going to work on changes that should help players to interact with barrels more quickly and handle firing cannons with fewer button presses.


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John Mclain

I thought this garbage-fire of a game had died already. People still play it? It was easily the worst game I had played in years. The water looked nice though.


This post is like a summary of an average youtube commenter..


Tbh I like the new system because there’s much more potential to be had with it as a result. It’s just annoying because you can’t just run by a barrel and insta-loot it within a few mashes of the F key or whatever controller button pulls items out.

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idk if they changed the cannon firing for this patch too but i really liked it before once i had learned it.

i only logged in for 5 to check the barrel changes and didn’t care for them. they aren’t terrible in themselves aside from slowing down everything involving barrels which is sometimes critical in combat with skeles on islands.