DC Universe Online announces return of Resurgence Mega-Capsules, adds 17 new powerset materials

A couple of days ago, Daybreak Games announced that Resurgence Mega-Capsules have returned to DC Universe Online, giving players a chance to get their hands on items from past time capsules as well as any of 17 new cosmetic materials. Each Resurgence Mega-Capsule contains nine of the game’s past time capsules, each of them already unlocked and ready to be cracked open, as well as one powerset material reward box, which includes a single powerset material from a set of 17 brand-new materials that can be used to change the appearance of any hero’s cosmetic items.

The Mega-Capsules can be found as drops in-game or purchased directly from the in-game store for 700 Daybreak/Marketplace cash. There’s no difference between the dropped and marketplace versions except that the in-game drop version of the capsule must be unlocked using seven stabilizers. Eagle-eyed players may notice that the Mega-Capsules don’t contain either of the game’s first two time capsules (Time Capsule I and Amazon Time Capsule), but if you’re looking for items from either of them, you can now buy any items from these capsules directly from Booster Gold using Quarks. Resurgence Mega-Capsules will be available until October 9th.