Warframe announces Switch port, launches Mask of the Revenant update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Consoles are getting a lot of love from Warframe this week: Yesterday, not only did the Xbox One and PS4 ports of the free-to-play space-ninja shooter receive their latest major content update, Mask of the Revenant, but Warframe creator Digital Extremes also announced that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this November. The port is being developed by Panic Button, the studio responsible for porting such games as DOOM, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Rocket League to the Switch, and it’ll be available for download on the Nintendo eshop on November 20th.

Meanwhile, on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the game just received the Mask of the Revenant update, which introduced the titular Revenant warframe, which has the ability to enthrall enemies, turning them against their allies. But that’s not all; the update also added the strange-but-neat Frame Fighter minigame, which allows players to duel it out in a one-on-one fighting game inspired by classic 2D fighters like Street Fighter. You can check out the new Revenant warframe in action and see the trailer for the Switch release in the official videos past the cut.

Source: Press release. Thanks, sophiskiai!
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