Ankama releases roadmap video detailing year-end plans for Wakfu, Dofus, and more


As we enter into the final months of the year, Ankama, the studio behind unique tactical-strategy MMOs Wakfu and Dofus (among others), is here to check in with an update video that outlines what fans can expect from its games between now and the end of the year. Wakfu players can look forward to the villain Shadofang, who has already made her debut in the game’s tie-in animated series, being introduced as a level-200 ultimate boss “with a totally unexpected type of item that’s hard to master and super powerful.” The studio also officially announces that Wakfu’s long-rumored nation update will be coming this December, and it’ll be revamping the nations of Wakfu both aesthetically through new and updated art, and mechanically by way of unspecified gameplay changes and new quests.

Meanwhile, in the world of Wakfu’s predecessor Dofus, update 2.48 will be coming to the game soon, bringing with it the new Kolossium League PvP system, which also includes matchmaking adjustments and class balance tweaks. The update will also revamp the pet system, removing the restrictions on which resources can be fed to which pets and adjusting the bonuses that pets provide. Ankama also plans to “considerably increase the number of pets” going forward. Finally, the update will add the Ebon Dofus, allowing players to get one step closer to their ultimate goal of uniting the six Primordial Dofus. For more information on Wakfu, Dofus, and Ankama’s other games, you can check out the full video past the cut — the relevant section begins around the 5:17 mark.


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Whoa! That will teach me not to skim over the actual video content itself.

I had no idea Ankama was developing a new MMORPG (I had to google ‘Waven’ because I’ve never heard of it before). That’s crazy exciting! I absolutely adore both Wakfu and Dofus, but both have flaws that the other tends to overcome. A new MMO in development might offer the best of both worlds!

Also, I am not usually a collector of toys, but some of the rooms those presenters were standing in were phenomenal. I love their art style so much – now I am going to have to give my credit card to someone else for a few days just so I don’t go and buy ALL THE CUTE THINGS. The Bow Meow in the pot plant? ADORABLE. And bookcases that have cartoony wood just like the Wakfu haven bag display cases! I want to go there!


You may not have heard of it because the name changes so much. The names most people heard of this game under were Dofus Cube and Wakfu Heroes, though it was also called Dofus 3 and Krosmoz World. It would be easier to follow if they’d stick to one name :D

Kenji Takeda

not sure , ankama got 2 gems in their belts but they have no idea how to improve them .

kinda sad..


Wakfu and Dofus? I honestly haven’t played them enough, the combat system bores me. If it was like Diablo or something, I might have played them more.

I can’t think of a way to improve those games aside from adding more content in the sense of new zones with storyline.

race sweet

It cant be overstated how bad they are at polishing those gems. Its been a long downhill slope for wakfu. Not to mention dofus who survives by people who play 6 clients at once. The ideas and systems are well made with good ideas but punishing abuse and encouraging group play isnt their strong suit.