The MOP Up: Star Trek Online’s starbase defense


With the Age of Discovery pack on its way this fall, players of Star Trek Online are probably curious what the studio has up its sleeve for this TV series tie-in. Wonder now longer: Cryptic gave a short preview of the Starbase One task force operation that’s coming for all factions, as well as wrapped up the Victory is Life lore blogs.

“You will face several waves of increasingly difficult Klingon ships, and have to defend escaping civilians,” Cryptic said. “Win to earn a choice of marks box, and more!”

Read on for more smaller MMO news stories and videos, including free DLC for State of Decay 2, bad news for SWTOR players, RuneScape’s vinyl debut, and John Smedley’s greatest wish (at least for right now).

New Games and Testing



Odds and Ends

And I don’t even know what to make of this:


Get pumped up over Torchlight Frontiers with this Pax West highlight reel!

Keep up to date on the latest Old School RuneScape goings-on with the weekly update:

Here’s what KingsIsle (Wizard101, Pirates101) is doing for Make-a-Wish Foundation. Warning if you have a fear of heights.

Catch the highlights of Blade and Soul’s World Championship Qualification Tournament Finals from both NA and EU:


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Wait. Did they announce the AoD pack? Or did it leak? Because I would be delighted to learn something about that. Or do you mean expansion?

Kickstarter Donor

Cryptic announded an Age of Discovery expansion a little while ago. It’s coming later this autumn.

Patreon Donor

Since we are technically in autumn, I had kind of expected Cryptic to announce a hard release date by now. That said, my gut feeling is if they don’t do so this week, we will probably be looking at an early/mid November release.