Fortnite patches in port-a-fortresses and spiky stadiums


Fortnite’s latest patch is out today with a brand-new playground perk for the battle royale king, dubbed Spiky Stadium. This is inarguably a terrible name, but a cool concept, as it’s literally a consumable that allows you to insta-build a “7×11 sized stadium full of Damage Traps and Bouncers” inside red supply drops in playground limited time mode maps. What could go wrong?

“We’ve introduced a new consumable to the Playground LTM that will allow you to spawn an entire Spiky Stadium. We were inspired by the amazing things you’ve been making within Playground, and cannot wait to see what you create as we continue to build out the future of creative mode in Fortnite.”

This morning’s update also includes the “port-a-fortress” demoed in the video below (seriously, who comes up with these things? Are we all in the wrong business or what?) plus a few bits for the stalwart ol’ PvE Save the World mode: a new flintlock set and a new week of Horde Challenge.

Source: Patch notes
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