World of Warcraft guild Method nets world-first Mythic Uldir clear, Blizzard introduces $75 mount-and-subscription bundle


Just over one week after Blizzard opened the gates to World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth’s mythic Uldir raid, the raid has been cleared and the final boss, G’huun, has been defeated by a team from prominent progression-raiding guild Method. According to real-time updates made to Method’s site during their G’huun attempts, it was a close race between Method and rival guild Limit, both of whom had managed multiple sub-2% and even sub-1% attempts before Method finally cinched the world first. This marks the guild’s 10th final-boss world first. Congratulations to the Method team!

Meanwhile, in the WoW store, Blizzard has unveiled a new bundle: For $77.94 US, players can purchase 180 days of game time along with the exclusive Dreadwake mount. It would appear that this is the only way to acquire the unique flying-pirate-ship mount, at least for now, but it’s worth noting that it costs exactly the same amount as 180 days of game time without the mount, so if you’re in the market for a six-month subscription anyway, you basically get the mount for free. Still, though, it seems like a pretty steep buy-in for a single mount with no alternative in-game acquisition methods.

Source: Method via Twitter, Shop. Thanks to Lycis for the tip!
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