Battlerite Royale’s latest trailer shows off combat and the new Werebear consumable


Apparently hopping on the battle royale bandwagon is the hip thing to do these days, and Stunlock Studios, maker of free-to-play MOBA Battlerite, are getting on board with the imminent early-access release of Battlerite Royale. The latest trailer for Battlerite’s foray into the battle royale arena showcases in-game footage of champions dropping in and doing battle across Talon Island, where players will have to fight it out alone or in teams to be the last champion standing.

The new footage also highlights one of the powerful consumable items players will be able to find during their Battlerite Royale adventures, which turns the user into a gargantuan, savage Werebear that can use its vicious claws and predatory grace to lay waste to any enemies in its path. Battlerite Royale hits Steam Early Access on Wednesday, September 26th, where it will be buy-to-play for a currently unknown price until it goes free-to-play upon its official launch.

Source: Press Release

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thank goodness. the gaming world needed a fresh idea like a game where 100 people drop into an area, pick up weapons, and kill each other until the last person standing wins.


I hate Battle Royale games, but what I hate more is top-down Battle Royale.