Black Desert Online will launch its Drieghan expansion in the West on November 14th


This November, a new expansion is coming to Pearl Abyss’s sandbox MMO Black Desert Online. The expansion, titled Drieghan, will release on November 14th and will add “a large mountainous area” with “over 300 challenging quests” for players to complete. In addition, players will be able to unravel the story of the cursed Sherekhan tribe, fight it out for control of new conquest nodes, and square off with a new dragon boss named Garmoth.

The expansion will take players to the eponymous Drieghan, which is “known as the land of dragons and the ancestral home of dwarves.” Players will be able to venture forth to Duvencrune, Drieghan’s capital, and brave new areas such as Sherekhan’s Grave, Blood Wolf Town, and Tshira Ruins. If you want to take a first-hand look at the new Drieghan content, which is already live in the game’s Korean version, scroll on down for the official trailer and a gallery of shiny screenshots.

Source: Press Release
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