WRUP: The second shade of Sycamore House edition

There's no relief.

The second shade was neither hostile nor evasive; at first glance it seemed friendly and articulate. To a casual observer it appeared to be some 17th-century nobleman, well-groomed and handsome, greeting us as we moved through the house and offering to explain his situation. Kyle was the first to take him up on the offer, and also the last.

We only heard the first thing he said to Kyle: “I’m not supposed to be here. There’s been a terrible mistake.”

Joanne was unsettled, and though she could not explain why, try as she might, she ushered us away from the shade even as Kyle settled on the floor to listen to the shade. She even shouted at the top of her lungs so we could hear none of his words until we were two floors down, at which point we could still hear the voice but not make out the words. Joanne herself was hoarse from shouting for half a week.

Kyle didn’t come downstairs that evening, or the following morning. When we went upstairs to find him once more, he was still sitting in the same pose, a spider crawling across his features. It was a week until the second shade finished his lecture, and we all made a point to act as if we’d not heard the shade speak to us lest he enrapture another of our number. He seemed quite put out.

What are you playing?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go is happening of course, and not just because of the slew of events and upcoming changes. I’m down two belt sizes, though dietary changes and a little extra exercise in the morning probably helps. The console party this weekend probably won’t, but at least my lungs will get a workout while playing the new Mario Party on Switch or Gangbeasts on PS4.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m sure I’ll play a bit of Star Wars Galaxies Legends this weekend. I sold my first case of high-end Bespin Port this week! But I also need to get into that thing we’re not allowed to talk about. I have round two of guests coming Sunday, so we’ll see!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Despite wanting to hold out for longer, I caved and picked up Mega Man 11 this week, so I’ll be playing that and Granblue Fantasy as I do my usual Final Fantasy XIV stuff. Other than that there will be some potential little projects here and there.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I rolled up a new Imperial Agent in Star Wars: The Old Republic last week and am doing nothing but class and planetary missions, which is a really fun ride. I would like to wrap up Drustvar questing in World of Warcraft and make some good headway into Northern Mirkwood in Lord of the Rings Online (especially considering that there’s a new patch I haven’t seen yet).

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog): Conan Exiles has pets now, so I am determined to find and raise me a couple of sweet little kitties. Yup, my very own in-game Kittens of Chaos! Samhain is also going in Secret World Legends, so I’ll be smashing pumpkins, shooting Jack of the Lanterns, and chasing more cats. Speaking of Halloween events, there’s also EverQuest II’s Nights of the Dead to get in on as well as more shreds to collect for the prelude event. Yes, October is my busiest gaming month of the year and I have even less time to game. How will I get through this all?

Your turn!

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I’ve been obsessing over pokemon, so Pokemon Go and Pokemon Ultra Moon has taken up a chunk of my time. I am on the lookout for an Alolan Grimer/Muk in Pokemon Go so I can transfer it to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu when that comes out. Alolan Muk will play a role on my planned main team lineup. So far I have had no luck.

I have also been playing a bit of Marvel Stike Force on Bluestacks.

For MMO’s time is being spent Warframe on PS4 and Secret World Legends on PC. I also downloaded Closers to try that out.


This week: Sorry I am late. I’ve just finished the pre-reqs to get the Dark Iron D’orf unlock in WoW. The one I originally thought it would be a given when I bought the Battle for Mythic…I mean the Battle for Azeroth expansion. I suspect readers would be placing a /tinfoil hat on each pigtail if I suggested I got hoodwinked by a bait and switch tactic. So I won’t mentioned that. Other than to say, I felt I grinded for them more than I did with the other 4 Allied race unlocks combined…

…now if you will excuse me, I’ll now attempt to do the exact same thing to unlock those Brown D’orks, Horde side. Might be another month and an expansion or so. /bleh

Enough with my complaining though. Have a great week and weekend folks! And I’ll leave you with a small inspiration gif courtesy of Mr. Schlag. So enjoy! <3

Nate Woodard

Been playing Nova Empire, one of the many mobile cash grabs, way more than I should be this past week. Lately I just don’t seem to have the free time that I used to. I’m either at work or on a plane/in a car going to work. It’s great for the wallet and terrible for the social aspect of marriage and really life in general. But my waiffu is very supportive and also really likes to spend my money, so here we are!! :D

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

Still in a gaming funk.

I did some dailies in Monster Hunter online this week to get a Halloween costume that I cared nothing about. After I got all the pieces, I did not even put it on to check it out and I never logged back in.

Hello, I’m Zulika. I hate dailies, but feel obligated to do them for some unknown reason – just look at me having fun.


It’s looks like it had an accident. /eww :(

Danny Smith

No videogames this weekend, Its the launch of Season 2 of Warhammer Underworlds, the game thats actually killing off magic the gathering in my area its so popular. I got spooks to paint and cards to sleeve before this months tournament begins!


Finally got my new graphics card delivered, an AMD RX 580 8GB. I’m very happy with the quality, despite its low price. You hardly hear the fans, even when running a game. Let’s hope there won’t be any incompatibilities (it’s my first AMD card).

Been playing the first few hours of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Just got my first ship and had a few sea battles. The graphics and overall atmosphere are very good and the protagonist, Kassandra, is great. Badass mercenary but still very likeable and authentic.

I’ll be travelling, so no gaming for me on Sunday and the entire next week.

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Rees Racer

The present obsession with the “Battle Royale” genre wouldn’t be nearly so distasteful to me were there not so much jumping about as the combatants move across the ever-smaller field of fire. I suppose this is more evident for the prominent TWITCH streamers. Perhaps in Fortnite, with that art-style, I can be forgiving. But even in the new CoD: BO4, which you might think if only slightly more a simulation of a ridiculous shrinking battlefield :
Sprint 4-steps: JUMP.
Sprint 3-steps: JUMP.

I enjoy a few occasional rounds of PUBG, and try to play more realistically (with some success)…sneaking about from cover-to-cover.

So apart from that rant.
A lot of EVE this week bulking up my ISK reserves to purchase another Tengu and Widow, and kit them out properly.

Of course, I’ve spent quite a bit more time than I’d thought in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. My father, brother and I sailed a 40′ Catalina through the Greek islands years ago, and now (playing the game), I’m beginning to remember some of the stops we made a bit differently.

Sunrise over Makedonia looks lovely. Perhaps a stop there after a brief detour in Lokris to the south. Odyssey, indeed. Fabulous.


I agree, Jumping around like crazy seems like a stupid element in gunfights. Jumping should be a negative to those doing it. Its why I don’t play Fortnite, Almost all fights are stupid jumping shotgun fights.


FFXIV will probably be my main game this weekend + ‘weekend’ with maybe some Call of Duty Black Ops 4 sliding in… mostly got it for the Zombies and maybe some non-BR Multiplayer, maybe also some BR multiplayer if I can get some friends to play. Also will probably try to get further into Terra’s story in KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix, then maybe dink around on WoW or just cancel my subscription because it’s hard to really justify staying subbed to it at the moment.


A bit of Maplestory 2.
It’s the epitome of “kinda fun even if I’ve seen better”, but repeated a million times. Each time you think you’ve seen everything (during levelling at least, I already know that you’ll come back to old zones to capture all those minipets when you’re level max) there’s another activity to discover.

And really, that’s the thing sorely missing from other MMOs.
Listening to an ingame anime concert, only to follow on through a midi, piano based version of Through fire and flames? Pretty surreal and different.
After that you can play monopoly, join a racing minigame with dozens of other people, get some rare fish from the little hidden dungeon you were originally in to kill a rare boss, find a weird magic hat teleporting you to a treasure trove of gold and XP…
And you end up back in the main city having done no questing at all, hanging around in the cacophony of player instruments while you’re sitting on your duck mount making quacking noises to add up to the insanity.

Cool game.
Weird, a bit clunky, but cool. And unique, for once.

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Overwatch and Minecraft (Sevtech Ages modpack) are my main games. Also still trying to see if I can deal with the controls in Maplestory 2. Weekly game with friends is Grim Dawn.