All the best MMO sales of Black Friday 2018


Fun fact: I live pretty far from my nearest family, so I don’t have to get to go home and partake of the American tradition of stuffing mostly unpalatable food in my face on this holiday weekend. My husband and I stay home with the kids, watch movies, eat whatever we want, catch up on work, and play MMOs. And shop. I save up for Black Friday! I hope you did too because we’ve got a quickie roundup of all the best MMO Black Friday 2018 sales on Steam and elsewhere.

Aion – Aion’s running a daily lockbox special, transformation bundle sales, and more.

Albion Online – Steam bundles are a third off.

AQ3D – Running bonuses on crystal sales.

ArcheAge – It’s a good sign that Gamigo is running ArcheAge sales, right? The company is offering double APEX and credits, 30-50% most cash shop items, and a special starter pack sale on Steam.

ARK Survival Evolved – Some packages are up to 60% off on Steam.

Black Desert – You bet there’s a big ol’ sale in Black Desert – up to 70% off cosmetics, mounts, pets, and other fun bits. It’s also half off on Steam.

Blade & Soul – NCsoft’s halved the cost of the level 50 toon and discounted name changes and bundles.

Bless Online – The newly F2P title has several new bundles for sale.

Boundless – This newish builder-centric MMO is down to $32 on Steam.

Champions Online – Everthing in the cash shop is 25% off, plus there’s a lockbox dealy.

Chronicles of Elyria – Soulbound has added new promo items to the shop, including a doggo, stables kit, and guild hall kit.

Citadel Forged With Fire – Just over $11 on Steam.

Closers – New deals running every day this week.

Dark and Light – Half off on Steam.

DayZ – 20% off on Steam.

DC Universe Online – “Check out the in-game Marketplace this weekend, where most marketplace items are 50% off. Members, remember that’s ON TOP OF your always-on member discount on Marketplace items – now increased to 15% for the duration of the sale!”

Defiance 2050Defiance has a Black Friday bargain box and half off its starter packs.

Destiny – Currently $30 for the base game, with discounts on Forsaken too.

Diablo III – The battle chest, including the expansion, is $15.

Dungeons & Dragons Online – “DDO Bonus Days bring you +10% Buddy XP and +50% Guild Renown, now though November 28th!” Plus SSG has put some of the expansions and adventure packs on sale along with shared storage.

Elder Scrolls Online – ESO and Summerset are up to 63% off, plus there’s a Black Friday bundle for sale and cheap stuff in the cash shop. Note, that brings the Summerset upgrade to like $11, which is a steal. The standard edition with just vanilla and Morrowind is $10 by itself too.

Elite Dangerous – On Steam, it’s up to 60% off.

EVE Online – PLEX is 15% off.

EverQuest – There are new holiday-themed items in the cash shop and a 25% discount to boot.

EverQuest II – “From now until November 27, 2018 at 12:00 PM PT, members will be able to earn Double Status AND Double Guild XP! And on top of that, to kick off the holiday shopping season, members will also receive 25% off items in the Marketplace!”

Fallout 76 – Holy crap, they put it on sale for $39 right after launch.

Final Fantasy XIV – Half off in the official store.

Gloria Victis – Up to half off on Steam.

Grim Dawn – This OARPG is under nine bucks.

Guild Wars – Yes, the classic games are on sale on Steam too. If you’ve never tried them, you really should!

Guild Wars 2 – The base game and Path of Fire are half off.

Kritika Online – En Masse is running a new deal every day this week.

Life is Feudal – Up to 60% off on Steam.

Lineage II – NCsoft is vending a special super boost pack and cosmetics for the sale. There are special bundles for Lineage II Classic players as well.

Lord of the Rings Online – Take half off all the Mordor expansions and 75% off Moria; there are other bundles on offer too, including a double points deal.

MapleStory 2 – Nexon has a ton of deals running for 48 hours starting on Black Friday itself.

Neverwinter – Everything in the cash shop is 40% off.

New Dawn – 25% off on Steam.

No Man’s Sky – It’s half off, just in time for its latest free update.

Overwatch – It’s down to $15, with $5 for the upgrade.

PixArk – On sale 25% off on Steam.

Project Gorgon – A quarter off on Steam.

Rend – Steam’s marked it down to a hair over 10 bucks.

Saga of Lucimia – This in-dev indie MMO has sweetened the deals for its purchaseable tiers.

SCUM – 20% off on Steam.

Secret World Legends – 25% off sales on some of its boosts and upgrades in-game.

Star Trek Online – Everything in the cash shop is 25% off, plus snag 40% off on packs for console players. And lockboxes for all!

TERA – En Masse’s flagship MMO has bonkers sales running all week, including lockboxes 30% off, mounts and pets up to 85% off, and account services half off.

The Crew – $7.49 on Steam.

The Division – Dang, it’s 75% off on Steam.

TitanQuest – Dirt cheap on Steam right now, two-thirds off! Not an MMO, but a great multiplayer ARPG.

Trove – Did you expect this one? I did not. Gamigo is present. The game is running its “block party” sale with 40%-70% off its big bundles, double credits, and new and returning packs.

Twitch – “Starting now and continuing through December 27, we’re kicking off the Blizzard of Bits on Twitch — three unique deals where you’ll be able to earn extra bits and share them with your friends. Or keep them for yourself… Plus, one of the events will help you donate to Direct Relief, a global humanitarian organization, all while you support your favorite streamers.”

Ultima Online – There’s new stuff in the cash shop, including new hairstyle tokens!

Valnir Rok – It’s 40% off on Steam right now.

Wild Terra – Down to three bucks.

World of Warcraft – Blizz chopped $10 off the cost of Battle for Azeroth. A ton of Blizzard’s Battlenet swag is on sale too!

World of Warships – “Starting on November 23, players of Wargaming’s popular naval combat game will see massive 30-50% discounts on premium ships, port slots, and consumables.”

Worlds Adrift – A quarter off on Steam for this early access title too.

Spot anything we missed? Help your fellow readers out by dropping it in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our guides to the best gift ideas for MMO fans and folks in the market for gaming gear!

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Roger Melly

Ended up getting Project Gorgon after giving the free trial a go . I can’t see there being anything much released next year ( although I do kind of hope Camelot Unchained will see some sort of release ) so I thought why not take the plunge now .


Conan: Exiles is 40% off on Steam for Black Friday, so $24.


I wish i could remember who said this in a thread here but it was something along the lines of if the internet hates it that much, its gotta be good and for me this statement has rung true yet again, first Fallout 76 amazing game best Fallout title to date, and bought No Man’s Sky and hell yeah!

Frank White

I also held out a long time for No Man’s Sky, then when I finally bought I thought much the same as you, that it was actually pretty good, but wait until you get about 70 hours in…. At that point I realized just how incredibly repetitive it all was, with you basically performing the same handful of actions over and over and over and over again. But I might try the new stuff – hopefully there’s some fairly significant new content there. Haven;t tried Fallout 76 yet, will probably wait till this time next year.


I’m 150 hours in and granted while I restarted after 35ish hours because NEXT hit and I wanted to see the new tutorial and have a smooth, safe game instead of hoping for a correct savegame conversion … I haven’t even yet gotten to vehicles or farms. Just starting out on the whole Freighter fleet thing, learning the ropes, not yet reached the point where I can fly to red or blue or green systems.


Ye God’s, which Fallout titles have you played ?


Little disappointed that the Lotro double points are for bonus points only, not the base points. It’s better than nothing i suppose.

Kickstarter Donor

Given the recent new “feature” in SCUM, glad you didn’t mention a “half off” sale. 🤣


Giving away Destiny 2 for free was a great idea for a game that had so much initial controversy. I rarely say this but as a new player to the franchise, the game really doesn’t begin until you’ve level capped and finished the main campaign. Even though I am enjoying all of the content that opens up at endgame, I’m still on the fence about purchasing the post launch content and Forsaken expansion for $30 but it is tempting.

Some of the games listed can be tried for free so if you’ve been hesitant, it a good time to install and give them a go before buying a BF discount.


I think Forsaken is worth it if you are enjoying yourself. I got the base game for free earlier this year (a friend who already owned it gave me his copy from humble bundle) and I had fun with it but eventually got bored and stopped.

Bought the expansion about a month ago (thanks WoW gold) and I have been playing it non-stop. I think between some of the system changes and how armor/weapon perks and mods work now it’s got a longer shelf life if you enjoy really optimizing your gear to fit your playstyle. I’ve already put more time into it than I did the original game and really I don’t see myself stopping soon. Actually thinking about leveling another class and doing it all again.