Feast upon Thanksgiving festivities in Black Desert Online’s latest patch


The newest patch for Black Desert Online has arrived just in time for Thanksgiving, and it brings with it some new, turkey-day-themed events. Until December 5th, players can defeat monsters to get their hands on a variety of Thanksgiving sundries that can be combined together to create a full roast turkey feast. But unlike most holiday feasts, these aren’t made to be eaten; instead, players can crack them open like poultry pinatas to obtain one of an array of shiny prizes that range from pearls and gold to weapons, jewelry, and more.

Running alongside the roast turkey feast event is the golden goose egg event, which will also run until December 5th. This event adds a new quest line that has players searching for special geese (identifiable by the precious miniature crowns they wear) from which they can acquire golden eggs. The eggs, like the turkey feasts, can be opened up to receive some shiny loot.

In addition to releasing the new patch, the devs have also announced a screenshot competition for the 2019 BDO calendar. Players are asked to take and submit screenshots of their characters “in the theme of each season” as outlined in the official announcement. The devs will then choose the five best screenshots for each month, and players will have the opportunity to vote on which ones will be featured in the 2019 BDO calendar. The top 12 winners will each receive a copy of the calendar, a few in-game goodies, and a unique title. For the full rules and details on the contest, be sure to check out the official announcement on the game’s website.

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