thanksgiving 2018

MapleStory 2 interview: The Soul Binder, PvP, music, the western front, and battling pay-to-win

MapleStory 2 charmed our previewer, our podcasters, even our writers when it came time for picking out the underdog MMO of 2018, thanks in...

Ultima Online patches in its new Krampus battle

The Krampus, once an obscure bit of Christmas trivia, has become a blessing for MMOs eager to let you fight something for the holiday....

LOTRO composer Chance Thomas loses sound company over ponzi scheme

Many Lord of the Rings Online fans are well acquainted with Chance Thomas. While not the only composer for the MMO, his work on...

Hi-Rez Expo 2018: Stewart Chisam makes sense of the studio split, hints at new game

You've heard of Simon Says? At Hi-Rez Expo I played Stew Says, but in this game I try to get Stew Chisam, President of...

Ultima Online is adding whips and Krampus for Christmas

Thanksgiving? Pff. Broadsword's already gearing up to launch Christmas in Ultima Online. Publish 103 with the winter festivities hit the test server last week...

DC Universe Online’s holiday content involves wonderfully awful puns and seahorse races

Enough with that whole Thanksgiving thing - DC Universe Online is already moving on to Christmas! Daybreak began testing its holiday content in the...

The Stream Team: A heaping helping of AdventureQuest 3D for Thanksgiving

Of all the games, Massively OP's MJ is especially thankful this year for AQ3D -- the studio, the community, and maybe now most of...

Massively Overthinking: The MMO things we’re grateful for

Call it sappy, but I'm gonna stop joking about turkey and emptying my wallet on Steam for a sec for tonight's Overthinking. It's Thanksgiving, and we've got some thanking to do.

The Survivalist: Giving thanks for survival, from the genre to Conan Exiles

Since my column falls on Thursday, I always have the honor of sharing in the spirit of Thanksgiving by discussing what I am grateful...
Forty-six & 2

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s Blue Mage is balanced right, even if you don’t like that

This extra this week entirely comes from me doing the intellectual equivalent of pouring a mixture of lemon juice and salt directly into an...
Not paying attention is not a mark of honor.

Massively OP’s guide to MMO Thanksgiving 2018

Unlike with Halloween and Christmas, it seems like MMORPG developers never quite know what to do with the Thanksgiving holiday. Vastly fewer games celebrate...
Bye Felicia.

The Daily Grind: What MMO are you thankful for today?

A lot of the time, we use this space to ask serious and thought-provoking questions, but today is a holiday in the US, and...

Feast upon Thanksgiving festivities in Black Desert Online’s latest patch

The newest patch for Black Desert Online has arrived just in time for Thanksgiving, and it brings with it some new, turkey-day-themed events. Until...
What can I say except ''you're welcome''

Perfect Ten: How MMOs teach us to be thankful

Every year around this time, I try to produce a Perfect Ten about thankfulness. Those of you who know my writing also know that...

Legends of Aria is open to all gamers to test freely this weekend

If you're struggling to find something new and MMOsy to play this holiday, maybe give Legends of Aria a go. The classic-inspired MMORPG formerly...
Doooo not care

The MOP Up: Free Overwatch this Thanksgiving

Don't have Thanksgiving plans past gorging on dead bird carcasses and mashed-up roots? Blizzard has just the thing for you: Free Overwatch! "From November 20th...
I'm losing status at my high school

Bless Online is dropping the Ruber Ossuary dungeon just in time for Thanksgiving weekend

Dog 'em all you want, but Neowiz is plainly not giving up on Bless Online anytime soon. Today's Steam note heralds still more content...

Star Citizen kicks off a free-fly event next week, welcoming non-backers to play over Thanksgiving

Oh yeah, you know a big holiday is coming up when every single game, even the ones deep in alpha, are cranking out demos...

The Stream Team: Turkey Time in MapleStory 2

With Thanksgiving in the US precisely a week away, now seems as good a time as any to join in on some humongous turkey...

Black Desert’s long-awaited Drieghan expansion is live

Here we go folks: Black Desert's Drieghan expansion is finally here and live as of today in the western PC version of the game....