Massively OP’s guide to MMO Thanksgiving 2018

Not paying attention is not a mark of honor.

Unlike with Halloween and Christmas, it seems like MMORPG developers never quite know what to do with the Thanksgiving holiday. Vastly fewer games celebrate a fictional form of it than other popular holiday clones, and most studios are simply content to use the weekend to offload some Black Friday sales.

But we’re nothing if not diligent here at Massively OP, so if you’ve got some time off this week and are looking to duck some awkward family moments to game, we’ve got a few ideas to keep you busy. Good luck, and may the wishbone be with you!

Black Desert: Prepare for the Roast Turkey Feast any way you can and chase the golden goose for her precious eggs.

Champions Online: Be cool like Nighthawk and earn his armor by November 29th!

Dark Age of Camelot: The Harvest Celebration and Farmer’s Market are back through November 27th, so enjoy them while they last!

Darkfall: Rise of Agon: Check out this PvP sandbox for free (even for returners!) through November 26th.

EverEmber: The “open world classic” MMO is due to be re-released on Turkey Day.

EverQuest: Fall fun bonuses are running once more through November 28th. Get yours.

Final Fantasy XI: There’s a login campaign, an autumn Alter Ego Extravaganza, and a catch-up campaign (among others) running right now.

H1Z1: There’s a new Turkey Hunt arcade mode for those who need to work out some post-dinner conversation aggression.

Lord of the Rings Online: No fancy festival here, but crafters will enjoy a 25% boost to their advancement from November 21st through the 26th.

MapleStory 2: This brand-new MMO is giving out a ton of free stuff over the next week or so — be sure to get yours!

Neverwinter: You’ve got a limited window — from November 21st through 27th — to earn a “fancy horse” mount by trading in favors to the goddess Tymora.

Overwatch: Don’t forget that you can play this game completely free through November 26th!

Star Citizen: Take to the skies from November 23rd through the 30th to try out every ship and vehicle in the persistent game. Different ships on different days, but still, free is free.

Star Trek Online: The Borg are trying to assimilate our galaxy on the console version, so, y’know, stop them.

TERA: The studio is rolling out a day-by-day Black Friday (week) cash shop sale. Could find a good deal in there maybe?

Trove: Turkeytopia is back, and that means login rewards, events, and deadly fowl.

WildStar: The Zprix Invitational event is back for the very last time, so take your hoverboard out for a spin before this MMO shuts down next week.

World of Warcraft:┬áProbably one of the most fleshed-out Thanksgiving events takes place here with Pilgrim’s Bounty. From November 19th through the 26th, players can feast at tables, power-level cooking, and grab Pilgrim cosmetics that you can’t wear for the rest of the year.

World of Warships: Be a turkey or hunt a turkey — either way, you’re going to have a pluckin’ good time this week!

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