Legends of Aria is open to all gamers to test freely this weekend


If you’re struggling to find something new and MMOsy to play this holiday, maybe give Legends of Aria a go. The classic-inspired MMORPG formerly known as Shards Online is running an open beta event throughout the Thanksgiving weekend – its first ever truly public playtest and likely your last chance to take a free peek before the early access launch in December.

Registration is open on the official site; the beta begins at 5 p.m. EST on Black Friday and closes down at midnight on November 25th (we assume this is a typo and that it’s actually 12 a.m. EST on the 26th, but be forewarned – we’ve reached out to confirm).

Characters will be wiped at that point as the head-start period opens up on December 3rd and the early access itself begins December 4th.

Source: Press release, official site. Cheers, Squid!

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Michael Lauzon

How do we download the client to play in the OB weekend..?!


I wish they kept the Shards name I always get this confused with the other Legends of stuff.

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Is that a trailer for a mobile game? The graphics sure look like it.


I tried the game in the previous test. The game is a tragedy. Graphics are ugly and unoptimized. Runs with 10 FPS on lowest. Gameplay tries to be like UO, but it just feels horrendous.

This is gonna be the same joke and failure like Shroud of the Avatar.


Reading the ‘features’ list for this game does not really inspire me with confidence.

The vision that immediately comes to mind is a bottle rocket. Short burn, low height, small flash & pop, then nothing.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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the head-start period opens up on December 3rd and the early access itself begins December 4th.

Head start begins 27 November.

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