Black Desert’s long-awaited Drieghan expansion is live

Black Desert’s long-awaited Drieghan expansion is live
Here we go folks: Black Desert’s Drieghan expansion is finally here and live as of today in the western PC version of the game. Pearl Abyss and Kakao are even calling it “meaty” with “over 300 challenging quests, fresh nodes to conquer and a new menacing dragon boss called Garmoth.”

“Drieghan, also known as the land of dragons and the ancestral home of dwarves is a huge new mountainous area in Black Desert Online. Adventurers will be able to travel to Duvencrune, the capital of Drieghan which shows a variety of environments of an alpine region. New monster areas such as ‘Sherekhan Necropolis, ‘Blood Wolf Settlement,’ ‘Tshira Ruins’ will be released. Additionally, players can for the very first time obtain a Special-type crimson dragon pet by defeating Garmoth and collecting Garmoth’s Horn loot. The loot can be exchanged for the baby dragon pet with Gerson who can be found standing next to the trade manager of Duvencrune, the capital of Drieghan. Enthusiasts of arms can also look forward to the Dragon Slayer, a brand new powerful craftable weapon.”

Notably, the same is super on sale right now through the 19th, the Celebrating Millions events continue, and yes, there’s a Thanksgiving event too: “Turkey is also served for skillful players as King Targargo, the special event boss is making a welcome return to celebrate Thanksgiving.”

Source: Press release, official site

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Toy Clown

I finally finished Kamaslyve last night. I’m not sure why I had such a hard time playing in that region, but it’s done. However, other than doing the Rulapee (sp?) quest, I’m not setting foot in Drieghan for a while as I’m not a fan of letting other players ruin my gaming experience.

With the 1000% buffs coming for the holiday weekend, I’ll probably have my character sitting at a training dummy those three days while I play something else. It would be nice to finally hit 60. I’m just not a grinder.


I’ve only gotten to play for a half hour or so but it’s a really cool area. The rock formations and shape and topography flow really well and create awesome views that you stumble around corners into. Good stuff thus far.

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agemyth 😩

Drieghan. Drieg-han. Drieg… han…

Ohhhh! Dragon! Land of the dragons!

Let’s take the land of the dragons away from the dragons! Imperialism go!