Fallout 76’s launch marks the start of a post-nuclear multiplayer adventure

Hey, I duped that fair and square!

The latest chapter in the popular Fallout series is finally here, as Fallout 76 has launched globally. This prequel game brings a different take on the franchise with multiplayer and a persistent world.

Fallout 76 is the online prequel to the Fallout franchise where every surviving human is a real person,” Bethesda sent in a press release. “Discover a new and wild wasteland in the heart of West Virginia in what is the largest, most detailed open world in series history.”

And while this is all great fun — at least until you get ganked, nuked, or nuked and ganked — various launch issues have arisen to keep all players from romping around the wasteland. This included a “server meltdown,” which has since been resolved. The community has noted that some serious bugs that cropped up in beta still haven’t been addressed, so just know that this isn’t as stable of a release candidate as you might have hoped.

If you’ve been in and playing, let us know what you think about Fallout 76 in the comments!

Source: Press release, Reddit, #2
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