Wargaming’s Total War: Arena set to close next February


Even wars gotta end sometime.

SEGA-developed and Wargaming-published Total War: Arena first came on the scene way back in 2015, a free-to-play online strategy game that was hoping to appeal to faux-generals out there. But after years of closed and open beta testing, the team is finally calling it quits as it plans to pull the plug on the game next February.

“It has been an absolute privilege to work with you all on this project, but unfortunately the results of Arena open beta test did not meet all our expectations,” the team posted.

There is some good news to go with this announcement, however! For starters, nobody’s been laid off at the studio; the devs are being shifted to work on other Total War projects. Also all Arena testers are being offered their choice of Total War: Medieval II or one of three DLC packs for free. That not enough? Wargaming is going to toss in 30 days of premium account time to its “World of” titles for those testers who put in 100 or more battles into Arena. Unspent Arena currency will be transferred over to Wargaming’s games as well.

Source: Total War Arena. Thanks Robin!

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I actually really like the game. I don’t play it all the time, but it is in my rotation.


ugh this game was on my todo list…


I always thought Arena shows that Creative Arts really fails to understand what makes their Total War series compelling. This was reinforced with their Thrones of Britannia game.

Total War is about a mix of campaign mechanics and battles. If you just try to make a combat game, it just isn’t that compelling. Swords counters Spears counters Calvary counters Swords style combat just can only get so interesting. Without the map strategy portion, or an extremely dumbed down version of it, the game just isn’t an over all interesting experience.

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Jack Pipsam

This had been in development hell forever, I was semi-following it, but what a tragic mess.