Dark and Light is closing down 70% of its early access servers


Snail Games’ early access MMO Dark and Light has suffered a few growing pains during its development. The company originally announced it was resurrecting the 2004 MMO back in 2016; by summer of 2017, it was out in early access on Steam, with a peak player count of over 14,000. It’s since slumped to under 1000 peak. And as MMO players, you all know what that means: server merges.

“With the introduction of server transfers, our next move is to close inactive/low population servers and consolidate our playerbase so each server has a healthy population,” says the studio. “There are currently 344 official servers, and after the server closures there will be a total of 100 official servers.”

“Our current plan is to close the servers in two batches, one in late January and one in late February. The first will close servers that are completely inactive. In an upcoming patch we will be disabling server transfers to servers that will be closing, which means players will only be able to server transfer to the soon to be remaining 100 official servers. […] For servers that will be closed, we will be keeping a permanent copy of the server data. We encourage players to contact us to acquire a copy of the server data and continue to play on a local or dedicated server.”

Source: Steam
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