The Bethsoft-Behavior lawsuit is over, and now so is Westworld mobile


One of the big gaming legal disputes of 2018 was the lawsuit Bethsoft lodged against Behaviour Interactive over the release of the Westworld mobile game, which Bethsoft claimed was a rip-off off Fallout Shelter while accusing Behaviour and WB of breaching their contract, misappropriating trade secrets, and infringing on copyrights. Indeed, not only had Behaviour reused design and code between the games, Bethsoft alleged, but Westworld had the same Fallout Shelter bugs.

Behaviour denied everything, but then the first week of January, the two companies apparently “amicably” but privately resolved the suit, at least according to the press release. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Westworld game itself will survive, as Behaviour announced this week that the game has been yanked from the play store and will officially shutter on April 16th.

The company doesn’t expressly blame the lawsuit or the terms, but it’d be an awfully large coincidence if it played no part.

Source: Twitter via Droid Gamers
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