Celebrate a year of hunting with Monster Hunter World’s Appreciation Fest event


When you’ve dedicated your life to hunting down and ruthlessly slaughtering valiantly vanquishing all manner of massive, fearsome monsters that would threaten the safety of what passes for civilization in the new world, you deserve a bit of appreciation, right? Well Capcom certainly thinks so, which is why it’s kicked off the Appreciation Fest event in Monster Hunter World. The event runs until February 21st, and for the duration, players will be able to take on almost all of the event quests that have taken place in MHW since its launch, so if you missed out on any previous event-exclusive goodies — such as the gloriously fashionable Wiggler Head helmet — now’s your chance to snag them.

On top of the previous event quests and their associated items, the Appreciation Fest also comes with a few new goodies of its own, including the, uhh, eye-catching Gala Suit, which can be crafted by using Appreciation Tickets earned as login rewards and as rewards for certain limited bounties. The various facilities of Astera are also celebrating the occasion by offering massive sales, making it the perfect opportunity to stock up on the various sundries that are essential to any well-prepared hunter. And to top it all off, players who participate in the event will get a nifty new guild card background, pose, and titles. For all the details on the Appreciation Fest’s myriad merriments, you can check out the event page on the game’s official site.

Source: Official Site via Kotaku
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